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Christian Melendez

Profile page created Dec 11, 2018

Christian is a technologist that started as a software developer and has more recently become a cloud architect focused on helping companies to implement continuous delivery pipelines. Christian's also a technical writer for topics around Kubernetes, containers, cloud, and DevOps. He's contributed to the community and specific companies with talks and workshops too.
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Christian has been in the industry for more than fourteen years now. He started to get interested in software development at school when he was 15 years old. In 2013, he made the switch from developing software to managing infrastructure on the cloud. He helped his employer as they were spending too much money and having too many problems when releasing software. He was able to use his skills as a developer in a different context: infrastructure. Christian is now helping customers in their onboard journey to the cloud with the help of agile practices, DevOps culture adoption, and modern tools and technologies like containers, cloud, and serverless. Christian's passion for technology got stronger when he was working for a company where he led the Cloud team, and his expertise was vital to help the company to adopt the DevOps mindset and operate more efficiently their resources in the cloud. He has also been involved in projects to break the monolith into a microservices architecture with Docker containers. This made possible to reduce the lead time to five minutes, instead of eight hours–if it was a lucky day. Christian is an active public speaking and has participated in events and conferences like AWS re:Ivent, All Day DevOps, .NET Conf Online, Global Azure Bootcamps, and many other local meetups around the world. He also has a passion for sharing written content, and he started writing for several companies in their blogs like ASPE, Stackify, Scalyr, enov8,, and many more.