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  • Making Agile Software Development Work for Multicultural Teams

    While equality provides team members with the same opportunities and allowances, equity is about creating an environment where individual and unique needs can be met. According to ElMohanned Mohamed, communication in multicultural teams should be precise and clear with low dependence on the context.

  • Progressing with a Gender-Blind Attitude

    Individual skills should determine success; we should not distinguish people by gender, said Oksana Afonina at Women in Tech Dublin. In her talk, she explained how she focuses on her own skills and performance, those being the main traits to benefit from career-wise. Change starts with you, she said; there are always opportunities to empower others around you and scale your impact.

  • Microsoft, Dell, ASUS and Sexism

    During the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) last week Microsoft's regional subsidiary featured a group of dancing girls jumping around on stage to a Scooter-esque song with some rather inappropriate lyrics