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Membase NoSQL: Clustered by Erlang by Sean Lynch Matt Ingenthron Posted on Sep 12, 2011 Sean Lynch and Matt Ingenthron introduce Membase, detailing how they added clustering features in Erlang, what they built and what lessons they leaned along the way.

Beam.js: Erlang Meets JavaScript by Yurii Rashkovskii Posted on Aug 12, 2011 Yurii Rashkovskii presents Beam.js, a JavaScript platform built on erlv8 and providing bi-directional integration with Erlang.

Building Solid Distributed Applications with Haskell and Riak by Bryan O'Sullivan Posted on Aug 05, 2011 Bryan O'Sullivan discusses the design considerations and types usage when building distributed systems with Haskell and Riak, starting from a case study of a system using vector clocks.

CouchDB and Erlang: Mobile and Flexible by Damien Katz Volker Mische Posted on Jul 04, 2011 Damien Katz and Volker Mische introduce CouchDB and explain why it is fit for mobile devices especially due to its replication capability that can handle network connectivity problems.

ECC - Fun Writing Compilers by Joe Armstrong Posted on Jun 10, 2011 Joe Armstrong presents ECC, an optimizing compiler running on LLVM for writing C compilers for unusual architectures, for implementing DSLs and for experiments with JIT compilation. 5