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  • Architectural Refactoring: A Task-Centric View on Software Evolution

    by Olaf Zimmermann on  Jul 04, 2015

    In this article, author discusses Architectural Refactoring (AR) techniques to improve the quality attributes without changing the system's scope and functionality. He also provides a TaskCentric Template and Architectural Refactoring Catalog.

  • IT Architecture Design Framework: ADMIT

    by Suman K Pradhan on  Sep 18, 2013 5

    ADMIT details the decisions points that should be considered by any IT Architecture effort. While its format is similar to other Enterprise Architecture frameworks, its focus on characteristics and forces which affect the end result allow it to be used in conjunction with other formalized EA deign and evaluation methodologies.

  • Pattern-Based Architecture Reviews

    by Neil B. Harrison Paris Avgeriou on  Feb 14, 2012 1

    In this IEEE article, authors Neil Harrison and Paris Avgeriou discuss a pattern-based architecture review (PBAR) process to help with system-wide quality attributes. They also discuss how PBAR approach helps with agile practices like frequent releases, changes for user needs, and lightweight documentation. They illustrate the benefits of PBAR process with a real-world project.

Interview: Software Systems Architecture: Working With Stakeholders Using Viewpoints and Perspectives

Posted by Jeevak Kasarkod on  Feb 07, 2012

InfoQ spoke to the authors of Software Systems Architecture on a couple of new topics, the System Context viewpoint and Agile, which have been added to the second edition. 1

Rick Kazman on Evaluating Software Architectures

Posted by Srini Penchikala on  Dec 13, 2011

Evaluating software architectures is a critical part of architecture processes. InfoQ spoke with Rick Kazman, co-author of Evaluating Software Architectures book, on architecture evaluation topic. 1

Trust is good, Control is better - Software Architecture Assessment

Posted by Michael Stal on  Nov 29, 2011

Testing is an important means to obtain information about code. What is common for code, can't be neglected for software architecture. This is where software architecture assessment comes to help. 2

Are You a Software Architect?

Posted by Simon Brown on  Feb 09, 2010

The line between development and architecture is tricky. Does it exist at all? Is an ivory tower actually needed? There's a balance in the middle, but how do you move from developer to architect? 45

Book Excerpt and Interview: Open Source SOA

Posted by Boris Lublinsky on  Jul 23, 2009

Boris Lublinsky interviews Jeff Davis as part of a review of Davis' new book, Open Source SOA. The book covers the selection and usage of the open source products for SOA implementation. 2

LHC Grid: Data storage and analysis for the largest scientific instrument on the planet

Posted by Dio Synodinos on  Oct 01, 2008

The Worldwide Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Computing Grid provides data storage and analysis for the entire high energy physics community that will use the LHC. 2