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  • AppDeveloperCon Offers Deep Dives into Developer-Focused CNCF Projects

    Monday the 6th of November in Chicago Illinois, Application Developer Con was held during the co-located events at KubeCon North America 2023. The full day event focused on cloud native developers and featured talks on CNCF projects (such as OpenFGA, Dapr, TestContainers, and OpenFeature), eventing, patterns like choreography/orchestration, and ways of working in today’s cloud native environments.

  • How GitHub Leverages Feature Flags to Ship Quickly and Safely

    In a recent blog post, Alberto Gimeno, GitHub actions engineer, shared how GitHub makes use of feature flags to enable frequent, safe deployments. GitHub leverages feature flags for all potentially risky changes, allowing them to quickly disable the change if needed.

  • Uber Open-Sources Tool to Automatically Clean Up Stale Code

    Uber has open-sourced Piranha, their tool for automated clean up of stale code caused by feature flags that are no longer required. Piranha can be run within a pipeline to continually look for stale code to be cleaned up. Currently Piranha supports Java, Swift, and Objective-C.

  • Trunk Based Development as a Cornerstone for Continuous Delivery

    Dave Farley, co-author of the pivotal Continuous Delivery book, recently wrote about push-back to the practice of trunk based development, despite evidence of its role in achieving the benefits of CI and high performing teams. Jez Humble, his co-author, also commented in a twitter-thread on the cultural aspects of the practice to understand its relation to programmer psyche.