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  • Q&A on Exploring the Practice of Antifragility

    by on  Jan 04, 2016

    In the book exploring the practice of antifragility Si Alhir and Donald E. Gould collected experiences with and perspectives on applying antifragility. InfoQ interviewed them about their view on applying antifragility in software development, how antifragility can help organizations to become more flexible and able to deal with change, and the results gained from applying antifragility.

  • Big Data Processing with Apache Spark - Part 2: Spark SQL

    by on  Apr 16, 2015 1

    Spark SQL, part of Apache Spark big data framework, is used for structured data processing and allows running SQL like queries on Spark data. In this article, Srini Penchikala discusses Spark SQL module and how it simplifies running data analytics using SQL interface. He also talks about the new features in Spark SQL, like DataFrames and JDBC data sources.

  • Intro to .NET Unit & Integration Testing with SpecsFor

    by on  Mar 25, 2015 4

    Matt Honeycutt introduces SpecsFor, a .NET unit and integration test framework, explaining how to set it up, how to create the first tests, and provides a few hints on advanced usage scenarios.

Q&A with Frederic Laloux on Reinventing Organizations

Posted by on  Feb 06, 2015

In the book Reinventing Organizations Frederic Laloux researched 12 organizations who use fundamentally new ways to manage work and their employees.

Capturing Compliance Requirements: A Pattern-Based Approach

Posted by on  Mar 27, 2013

Assuring compliance across an enterprise needs a holistic approach for defining process & system controls. This article covers a new pattern-based framework to manage process compliance requirements.

Dan Allen on Arquillian Testing Framework

Posted by on  May 14, 2012

Arquillian is an integration and functional testing platform that can be used for Java middleware testing. InfoQ spoke with Dan Allen about the framework features and future roadmap.

Interview and Book Excerpt: CERT Resilience Management Model

Posted by on  May 30, 2011

InfoQ spoke with Rich Caralli from SEI's Resilient Enterprise Management Team about Resilience Management Model used for managing operational resilience in complex, risk-evolving environments.

Making Microsoft Sync Framework work with PostgreSql

Posted by on  Mar 18, 2011

Roopesh Shenoy demonstrates building a PostgreSql provider for the Microsoft Sync Framework. 7

A Comparison of Spring MVC and JAX-RS

Posted by on  Feb 10, 2010

SpringSource's Rossen Stoyanchev introduces the Spring MVC REST features available in Spring 3 in the context of JAX-RS. 33

Interview and Book Excerpt: Jaroslav Tulach's Practical API Design

Posted by on  Mar 24, 2009

InfoQ spoke with Jaroslav Tulach about his latest book Practical API Design. We are also making an excerpt from the book available for our readers.

A Fusion of Proven Ideas: A Look Behind S#arp Architecture

Posted by on  Mar 16, 2009

Billy McCafferty presents S#arp Architecture, an ASP.NET MVC framework meant to leverage current best practices in architecting ASP.NET web applications. 6

Enterprise-Ruby Wish List

Posted by on  Oct 04, 2006

What do enterprise developers need, that they're not getting from their tools today? Based on the answers to that question, we can look at whether Ruby currently has anything valuable to offer. 19

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