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  • JEP 423: Introducing Region Pinning to G1 Garbage Collector in OpenJDK

    After its review concluded, JEP 423, Region Pinning for G1, has been Integrated into JDK 22. This JEP proposes to reduce GC latency by implementing region pinning for the G1 garbage collector. This will extend G1 so that arbitrary regions may be pinned during both major and minor collection operations, so that disabling the garbage collection process may be avoided while implementing JNI.

  • jClarity Releases Censum 3.0

    Censum, the Java garbage collection analysis tool by jClarity, has reached version 3.0. The main new features of the new version include the ability to analyse Safepoint logs, new graphs showcasing the behaviour of the G1 garbage collector, and a set of analytics to highlight whenever applications force to much OS activity.

  • Oracle Confirms G1 as Default Garbage Collector for Java 9

    As previously mentioned on InfoQ, Oracle had proposed JEP 248, about making G1 the default garbage collector, to be included in the list of JEPs targeting Java 9; recently, Oracle has confirmed such decision and made it official. The decision triggered a lengthy debate in the HotSpot’s email discussion list, which concluded with a provision to defer the change if G1 proves not to be fully ready.