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  • How to Architect Software for a Greener Future

    In this article, Sara Bergman shares tips, tricks, and advice on architecting software for a greener future. Bergman has been discussing this topic for several years.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Building Event-Driven Architecture on Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud

    In this article, you'll find guidance to Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud resources, along with unique architecture examples that incorporate the AWS EventBridge, SNS, Azure Service Bus, Eventgrid, and Google Cloud Eventarc. These examples can help you better grasp the resources’ concepts and enable you to kickstart building your own architecture using an event-driven approach.

  • Containers and Serverless—Rivals or Cohorts?

    This article will try to decode these technologies and explore how developers should consider containers or serverless functions within their tech stack. For example, if your application has a longer startup time, then a container would suit the need better. Highly efficient stateless functions that need to scale up and down massively would benefit from running serverless functions.

  • Microsoft's Low-Code Strategy Paints a Target on UIPath and the Other RPA Companies

    Microsoft is investing big in the low code space and has put together a collection of products that is hard for other companies to match, capped recently by the announcement of PowerFX. The target in their sights is the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) companies such as UIPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism who are closing big deals with big enterprises.

  • Taking Control of Confusing Cloud Costs

    As cloud adoption accelerates, it’s increasingly important that organisations are able to come to grips with confusing cloud pricing and take back control of budgets to optimise spending. This article looks at the source of confusion, and how to get more clarity about costs.

  • What’s Next in DevOps?

    The DevOps movement continues to grow and gain influence in the IT world and the business world at large. As the organisations become increasingly digital, the agility of our IT systems becomes critical to the life and health of the companies.

  • Spring Boot Tutorial: Building Microservices Deployed to Google Cloud

    In this tutorial, the reader will get a chance to create a small Spring Boot application, containerize it and deploy it to Google Kubernetes Engine using Skaffold and the Cloud Code IntelliJ plugin.

  • Service Catalog and Kubernetes

    Cloud-native applications do not just live inside Kubernetes—they also benefit from using the available cloud managed services. Similar to Kubernetes' declarative object configuration model, the Open Service Broker API with the Service Catalog provides a declarative way to describe cross-platform/cross-cloud managed service dependencies.

  • The Serverless Sea Change

    This article defines and explains how serverless is different from other application architectures and then walks through a "proof" of sorts to show that serverless application architectures, when done properly, are superior to non-serverless architectures. Finally, it concludes with a number of rules of thumb to help architects and developers realize the benefits of serverless.

  • InfoQ Virtual Panel: A Practical Approach to Serverless Computing

    Add serverless computing to the growing list of options developers have when building software. Serverless products—more accurately referred to as Functions-as-a-Service—offer incredible simplicity, but at a cost. To learn more about this exciting space and the practical implications, InfoQ reached out to three experienced technologists.

  • Big Data as a Service, an Interview with Google's William Vambenepe

    Many of the Big Data technologies in common use originated from Google and have become popular open source platforms, but now Google is bringing an increasing range of big data services to market as part of its Google Cloud Platform. InfoQ caught up with Google's William Vambenepe, who's lead product manager for Big Data services to ask him about the shift towards service based consumption.