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Google Cloud Shell New Code Editor to Enable End-to-End Cloud Development by Sergio De Simone Posted on Oct 21, 2016

Spotify Moves Infrastructure and Data Services to Google Cloud Platform by Kent Weare Posted on Feb 28, 2016

Google Cloud Security Scanner reaches General Availability by Kent Weare Posted on Dec 05, 2015

Google Launches Cloud Datalab Beta by Kent Weare Posted on Nov 22, 2015 2

The Architecture of a Scalable and Resilient Google Cloud Solution by Abel Avram Posted on Apr 03, 2015

Google Announces Cloud Container Engine Using Kubernetes by Abel Avram Posted on Nov 05, 2014

DockerCon 2014 Highlights by Chris Swan Posted on Jun 12, 2014

Google Cuts Cloud Prices, Integrates CI Tools, Supports Windows and Manages VMs by Abel Avram Posted on Mar 26, 2014

What Is Going on with PaaS? by Abel Avram Posted on Jan 22, 2014 4

GAE 1.8.2 Introduces Dedicated Memcache and Modules by Abel Avram Posted on Jul 18, 2013 2

Google Unleashes Their Public IaaS Cloud, Adds NoSQL Database by Richard Seroter Posted on May 16, 2013

Jelastic Adds PHP to Their Platform for Service Hosting Providers by Abel Avram Posted on Feb 04, 2013

Google Previews Java 7 Support for App Engine by Charles Humble Posted on Nov 07, 2012

Google’s New IaaS Offering Runs Linux VMs in the Cloud by Michael Floyd Posted on Jun 28, 2012

New in Google Cloud: SDK 1.5.5, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Prediction API and Premier Accounts by Abel Avram Posted on Oct 13, 2011 2

Google Adjusts GAE Pricing Terms Based on User Reaction by Abel Avram Posted on Sep 13, 2011

Google App Engine Price Rises Shock Developers by Charles Humble Posted on Sep 05, 2011 7

Google App Engine Gets Support for Go by Abel Avram Posted on Jul 26, 2011

Google App Engine 1.5.0 Released by Alex Blewitt Posted on May 10, 2011

Google Releases the High Replication Datastore for App Engine by Jean-Jacques Dubray Posted on Jan 14, 2011

Google Goes Deeper into the Enterprise with Chrome and GAE for Business by Abel Avram Posted on Dec 17, 2010 4

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