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  • The Most Influential People in Agile

    A recent post by Paul Dolman-Darrall on the Value, Flow, Quality blog proposed a list of the 20 most influential people in the Agile community.

  • Gordon Pask Award Nominations for 2009

    The Gordon Pask Award recognizes two people whose recent contributions to Agile Practice make them, in the opinion of the award committee, people others in the field should emulate. The Agile Alliance funds each recipient's travel to two different suitable conferences on two different continents. This year's committee needs your help to identify the next two Gordon Pask Award winners.

  • Gordon Pask Award 2008 Winners

    The Agile Alliance's annual Gordon Pask Award recognizes two persons for their contributions to Agile practice. The award is for potentially new, rather than established, leaders. This year's honorees were Kenji Hiranabe and Arlo Belshee; Bob Payne was also recognized for his philanthropic work. Award program leadership has changed, and community input is solicited to improve the program.

  • Gordon Pask Award Recipients Announced

    At the Agile2007 Conference banquet on Thursday last week, the recipients of the Gordon Pask Award for Contribution to Agile Practice were announced: Jeff Patton "the Usability Guy" and Naresh Jain, instigator of usergroups, conferences and more. In addition, Dale Emery received the brand new Ward Cunningham "Gentle Voice of Reason" award.