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Grid Computing on the Azure Cloud Computing Platform, Part 1

Posted by David Pallmann on  May 01, 2009

David Pallmann shows how to perform grid computations on the Azure cloud computing platform. In Part 1 he presents a design pattern, while Part 2&3 will contain a concrete code example.

The Emergence of Virtual Service Oriented Grids

Posted by Enrique Castro-Leon Jackson He Mark Chang Parviz Peiravi on  Apr 30, 2009

The confluence of three technologies, (virtualization, service orientation, and grid computing), is explored to create a foundation for re-examining both technical and business system design issues. 2

SOA Agents: Grid Computing meets SOA

Posted by Boris Lublinsky on  Dec 11, 2008

In this article, Boris Lublinsky explains how Grid computing can be used in the overall SOA architecture, and introduces a programming model for Grid utilization in the implementation of SOA services. 2

LHC Grid: Data storage and analysis for the largest scientific instrument on the planet

Posted by Dio Synodinos on  Oct 01, 2008

The Worldwide Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Computing Grid provides data storage and analysis for the entire high energy physics community that will use the LHC. 2

Implementing Master-Worker with Terracotta

Posted by James Heanly Ben Teese on  Feb 05, 2008

A real world case study of a consultancy that distributed the load & increased scalability of its applications using open source Terracotta with the Master/Worker pattern. 3

Java Grid, why do we need it!

Posted by John Davies on  Oct 10, 2007

In a stream of consciousness, John Daves makes plain the importance of IT in the financial sector, forces driving the use of grid computing, the role that SOA plays, and why you need to watching. 12