Just the Cure, More Groovy

by Craig Wickesser on  Mar 01, 2009 6

Groovy 1.6 was released recently and provides plenty of new features and improvements, in particular speed was a major focus by the development team.

Dynamic Report for Java and Grails

by Craig Wickesser on  Feb 10, 2009 1

Reporting is a common feature found in many software applications and DynamicJasper aims to make it a simple and easily configurable process.

Beans Exposed with JMX Builder

by Craig Wickesser on  Dec 20, 2008 1

JMX has been around for quite some time and now it's gone Groovy. Find out what one developer is doing to provide an easy to use Groovy Builder for exposing your beans.

Dynamic Language IDEs: News From Groovy-Eclipse

by Mirko Stocker on  Dec 18, 2008 1

Another part of our series about IDEs for dynamic languages: a look at the future plans and latest feature additions of Groovy-Eclipse.

SpringSource Embraces Groovy and Grails with Acquisition of G2One

by Scott Delap on  Nov 11, 2008 14

SpringSource announced today the acquisition of G2One, the company behind Grails and Groovy. InfoQ sat down with SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson and G2One CTO Graeme Rocher to discuss the benefits of combining forces.

A Speedier Groovy Coming Soon

by Craig Wickesser on  Oct 17, 2008 1

The Groovy development team and G2One have been working to improve the performance and features of Groovy, while maintaining a stable release. The steady work on Groovy 1.6 has led to significant performance improvements available in beta form right now.

Is Groovy a Better Choice Than Java for Creating Internal DSLs?

by Srini Penchikala on  Oct 14, 2008 5

JVM-compatible languages such as Scala, Groovy and JRuby are recently gaining more popularity for developing Domain Specific Languages (DSLs). But are they better suited to creating internal DSLs than the Java programming language? Venkat Subramaniam explains why "Essence over ceremony" and "Metaprogramming" features in a dynamic language like Groovy help in developing internal DSLs.

Behavior-Driven Development for Everyone

by Craig Wickesser on  Sep 22, 2008

Behavior-Driven Development is nothing new but has steadily risen to the forefront as an excellent technique for technical and non-technical participants to collaborate on a software project. Several frameworks exist to aid the development of software in the BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) mindset, with one particular framework trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

Customize Grails Application Behavior Using the Event Model

by Srini Penchikala on  Sep 18, 2008

A typical Grails application throws events at key points in the application life cycle, whether in the build process or in individual artifacts such as domain classes and controllers. These application events are good extension points to setup listeners to intercept them and react to the events with custom behavior.

Dynamic Invocation Runs on OpenJDK

by R.J. Lorimer on  Sep 01, 2008 2

John Rose, a Hotspot VM developer at Sun, has announced the first successful execution of the 'invokedynamic' instruction on the OpenJDK VM. Dynamic invocation is an important feature for adapting dynamic languages to the JVM.

Interview: Neal Ford On Programming Languages and Platforms

by Abel Avram on  Aug 24, 2008 2

In this interview made by Sadek Drobi during QCon San Francisco 2007, Neal Ford talks about the tendency of having multiple languages running on one of the two major platforms existing today: Java and .NET. He also presents the advantages offered by Ruby compared to static languages like Java or C#.

Grails Gains Cloud Hosting with Morph AppSpace

by Cleve Gibbon on  Jul 25, 2008

Morph AppSpace is a cloud-based platform for hosting web applications. The latest release has added support for Groovy and Grails. InfoQ caught up with David Abramowski, CEO of Morph Labs to get some more details around it's recent move into the Java space.

Presentation: Getting Started with Grails

by Ryan Slobojan on  May 19, 2008 1

In this presentation from QCon San Francisco 2007, Jason Rudolph gives an overview and demonstration of Grails. Topics covered include Java/Grails integration, Grails plugins, creating a complete Grails sample application from scratch, the structure of a Grails application, data querying and persistence, validation, controllers and tag libraries.

Spring Web Flow 2.0.0.RC1 Released; Adds Ajax, JSF, and Security Integration

by Slobojan Donald Grelle on  Apr 17, 2008

InfoQ sat down with Keith Donald and Jeremy Grelle of the Spring Web team to discuss the release of Web Flow 2.0.0.RC1, the first production release candidate for the next major release of Web Flow. Web Flow is an extension to Spring MVC for implementing flows in a web application.

JVM Dynamic Language Shootout

by Charles Humble on  Mar 11, 2008 7

Travis Jensen compares Groovy, Jython and JRuby for developing web based user interfaces.