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IntelliJ IDEA 15 Released

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JetBrains has released IntelliJ IDEA 15, with improved Java 8 lambda debugger support, a better user interface for running tests, enhanced JVM frameworks support (Spring 4.2, Hibernate 5.0, Grails 3.x, and Arquillian), TypeScript 1.6 and TSLint integration, and initial support for Angular 2. JetBrains' Kotlin language has been added as a supported language, the Scala plugin has been updated to support SAM (single abstract method), Groovy now has @Builder AST transformation support, and the newest features in Android Studio 1.3 are also included. IntelliJ IDEA also includes all the components of JetBrains' 0xDBE SQL database IDE.

JetBrains has published a What's New in IntelliJ 15 guide that includes more details and some short videos highlighting the most important changes such as the new "gutter icons", that provide more visibility and control of tests and applications right from the editor window.

The gutter is more interactive and now allows running applications and tests

This release is available as part of JetBrains Toolbox, a subscription-based service. This licensing model allows you to pay monthly or yearly instead of one upfront payment. For individual customers, a new IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate license costs $149 USD for the first first year and 20% discounts in subsequent years. JetBrains offers a reward to existing license holders of IntelliJ IDEA 14: $89 USD for the first year and free for the 2nd year, or the first two years for the price of one.

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