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  • Mono in Google’s Summer of Code

    Mono has been selected as a mentoring organization for this year’s Google Summer of Code. Since 2005, Google has been sponsoring this annual event for students. In exchange for working on an open source project, each student accepted into the program is paid a stipend of 5,000 USD, 500 of which is given in advance.

  • Ruby at Google Summer of Code 2009

    Google Summer of Code 2009 now accepts applications from students. Possible Ruby mentor organizations are Ruby on Rails, Codehaus and others. We take a look at suggested/available projects.

  • The Official RubySpec Website and Its Google Summer of Code Students

    The RubySpec project aims to create a complete and executable specification for the Ruby language and recently got its own website. We also talked to two GSoC students who will help improve these specifications.

  • Ruby Implementations Roundup: Ruby Spec, New Design Meetings, Rubinius uses C++

    Busy times for Ruby implementors recently, with regular design meetings set up (next one 30th April). The work on a Ruby Spec is continuing - with projects in GSoC and plans for continous integration for Ruby 1.8.x set up. Rubinius switched from C to C++ to implement it's core VM, but continues to use Ruby as implementation language.

  • Google SoC Series: dcov - Ruby documentation coverage analyzer

    Ruby gains another tool to ensure code quality: dcov analyses Ruby code and determines the documentation coverage. We caught up with dcov developer Jeremy McAnally to talk about his plans.

  • Google SoC Series: Constraint programming with Ruby

    Constraint programming is a type of logic programming which allows you to define the constraints of a problem and leave it up to the computer to determine a solution. A Google SoC sponsored project will bring constraint programming to Ruby via a binding to the Gecode library. We talked to Andreas Launila, who develops the project.

  • Google SoC Series: Rubyland: Extending Desktop Applications with Ruby

    We continue our Ruby Google Summer of Code (SoC) series with Rubyland. This tool associates events from the OS or applications with Ruby scripts, making desktop automation very easy. We caught up with Scott Ostler to chat about the details behind Rubyland.

  • Google SoC Series: Creating RSpec specs for Ruby runtimes

    The number of Ruby implementations grows steadily, but something is missing: a Ruby specification. The behavior of the Ruby language and its standard libraries is defined in the code of the main Ruby implementation. Two Google SoC projects aim to fix this by creating executable RSpec specifications for Ruby. We caught up with Pedro Del Gallego who works on one of these projects.

  • Google SoC Series: ANTLR v3 Ruby Parser

    Writing a Ruby parser is a challenging task, yet the XRuby team wrote one from scratch. A Google Summer of Code project will update the current parser to use ANTLR v3, and plans to produce a Ruby parser in Ruby in the process. InfoQ caught up with Wang Haofei to ask about the problems in parsing Ruby and the plans for the project.

  • Google SoC Series: Web-based Rails Debugger

    Rails exception stack traces in the browser are a common sight for Rails developers (and sometimes users). A Google Summer of Code project aims to speed up Rails debugging by giving the developer a web-based, interactive shell to investigate the system after an exception happened. InfoQ caught up with Eugen Minciu, the developer of the project, to see what he's planning.