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  • Apache Harmony Finale

    The Apache Harmony PMC initiated a vote earlier this week to begin the process of moving the codebase into the Apache Attic and disbanding the PMC. With 18 for and 2 against, the result will be that the Apache Harmony project will be wound up and placed in the Attic for posterity.

  • Google and Oracle Case Reduced

    The legal case between Google and Oracle has been reduced in scope, just as Oracle subpoenas Apache to provide information about the Harmony project.

  • Oracle Announces JSRs for Java 7 and Java 8

    Oracle has announced the umbrella JSRs for Java 7/8, covering a number of the features known from the earlier Plan B. This includes Project Coin for Java 7 and Project Lambda for Java 8, as well as specific reference to OSGi for the Java 8 modularity JSR. But it also includes fields of use restrictions for the JSR TCK. Read on to find out what's included.

  • Apache Threatens to Leave JCP

    In an unprecedented move, the Apache Software Foundation has announced its intention to terminate its relationship with the JCP if the rights as implementers of Java specifications are not upheld. If that's the case, they argue, then the JCP specifications are nothing more than proprietary documentation. What does this mean for the future of Java and the JCP?

  • OSGi Community Event

    Last week saw London's OSGi Community Event, in conjunction with JAX London. The conference presentations covered a wide range of environments, from Java EE migrations and cloud computing, down to embedded devices and Android.

  • Interview: Geir Magnusson on Cloud Computing

    Geir Magnusson answers questions about the definition of Cloud Computing, how cloud computing affects application development, concerns about vendor lock-in, the impact of open source for in Java evolution, Apache Harmony, and Apache Geronimo projects.

  • JRuby: Java5 or not?

    A discussion in the JRuby space is resurfacing: Should the project move to Java 5. Is it worth breaking compatibility with Java 1.4? Using languages features like Annotations and Enums would be useful, as well as and not having to use a backport of the Concurrency libs. We look at the pros and cons.

  • Apache Harmony Questions Sun Regarding JCK License Terms

    Yesterday, Geir Magnusson Jr., VP of Apache Harmony, wrote an open letter to Sun Microsystems expressing dissatisfaction with IP rights restrictions in the Java Compatibility Kit license and frustration over the lack of traction discussing the matter with Sun.


    Sun于2006年11月13日宣布在GNU通用公共许可证第2版(GNU General Public License v2, GPLv2)下开放Java SE、Java ME以及 Glassfish的源代码,同时Sun发布了Java SE 7 HotSpot JVM、javac编译器和JavaHelp的早期构建版本。完全可构建的Java SE 7 JDK类库计划于2007年第一季度发布。关于Java管理模式的计划尚未宣布。

  • Sun open sources Java SE, ME, and Glassfish under GPLv2

    Sun today announced that Java SE, Java ME, and Glassfish are being open source under the GNU General Public License version two (GPLv2) with Sun today releasing an early build of the Java SE 7 HotSpot JVM, the javac compiler, and JavaHelp. The fully buildable Java SE 7 JDK classlibraries will be available in Q1 2007. Plans for Java's governance model have not yet been announced.

  • Sun commits to open source Java eventually

    At Java One this week Sun said that open sourcing Java is no longer a question of whether, but how. This marks a different tone from previous years, perhaps the Apache Harmony project is succeeding in slowly turning Sun away into a different direction. Community reaction to the news has been mixed.