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  • HyperSQL 2.0 - New Release 5 Years In the Making

    The HyperSQL database (HSQLDB), version 2.0, has been released after 5 years in the making. HyperSQL 2.0 is the worthy successor to HSQLDB 1.8, which has been integrated and used in applications large and small, including the ubiquitous OpenOffice Base application. The new version boasts more features than any other open source database.

  • Ruby Driver for HSQLDB Released

    A Ruby driver for HSQLDB has been released on RubyForge by Jared Richardson. The driver relies on Java Bridge technology (quite different than JRuby) to interop with the Java-based HSQLDB (formerly HypersonicSQL) open-source database.

  • H2 1.0 Database by Hypersonic Creator is Out

    HSQLDB creator Thomas Mueller has released 1.0 final of H2, his pure Java database successor to HSQLDB. H2's focus is to be best database for the lower end (low number of concurrent connections, embedded usage). InfoQ spoke to H2 creator Thomas Mueller to find out more.

  • Interview: Patrick Lightbody on Project Able - A Complete Java Web Stack

    WebWork committer, Patrick Lightbody, has announced Project Able: a complete Java web stack. InfoQ sat down with Patrick to discuss the philosophy behind Project Able.

  • H2 Database by Hypersonic Creator Nearing 1.0

    HSQLDB creator Thomas Mueller recently released the v0.9 of H2, his pure Java database successor to HSQLDB. H2 benchmarks significantly faster than HSQLDB, supports JDBC and ODBC, supports XA, can be clustered for HA and supports encryption.