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  • Apache POI 3.5 Released with OOXML Support

    Apache have released version 3.5 of the POI library for working with Microsoft Office documents. The latest version adds support for the OOXML format used by Office 2007 and higher. InfoQ spoke to Apache's Yegor Kozlov, release manager for POI 3.5, POI project founder Andrew Oliver, and Robert Duffner and Vijay Rajagopalan of Microsoft to find out more about the project.

  • RESTFul Bridge Between Java And .NET Released

    Noelios Technologies, the France-based consulting services firm, is shipping a new version of the Restlet open source project, a lightweight REST framework for Java, that includes the Restlet Extension for ADO.NET Data Services. The effort is a collaboration between Microsoft and Noelios Technologies and it makes it easier for Java developers to take advantage of ADO.NET Data Services.

  • Robert Bell on Java and Silverlight Interop

    Robert Bell, Microsoft Solution Architect, introduces interoperability scenarios for using Silverlight from Java and provides architectural guidance using sample code snippets.

  • JNBridgePro 4.0 Introduces New Visual Studio and Eclipse Plug-ins

    JNBridge, provider of Java and .NET interoperability tools, announced a new release of its core product, JNBridgePro, at JavaOne 2008.

  • New Options for .NET-Java Web Services Interoperability

    When it comes to web services interoperability between .NET and Java, the choice used to be limited to SOAP over HTTP. Two new options recently became available in this area: WebSphere MQ (WMQ) and ActiveMQ transports can now be used for building interoperable web services between Java and .NET.

  • Interview: on Their Use of Silverlight

    In this InfoQ exluclusive interview Jonathan Allen sits down with Henry Belmont & Thaniya Keereepart on their implementation of Silverlight and how it integrates with their Java back-end.

  • Mainsoft: Running .NET on the JVM While Maintaining Performance

    Mainsoft recently released version 2.0 of Mainsoft for Java EE (formerly known as Visual Mainwin), and also released a whitepaper which showed that a .Net-based application which was cross-compiled to run on Java EE using Mainsoft for Java EE performed as well as or better than the original .NET-based application did in several areas. InfoQ spoke with Mainsoft CEO Yaacov Cohen to learn more.

  • Sun Announces Metro

    Sun Microsystems has announced Metro, the new name for the JAX-WS RI and Project Tango.

  • Java and .NET Libraries for Open XML

    With the new OpenXML format, there is the promise of an clean and efficient way to manipulate Office documents via XML. But with a 6000+ page spec, finding the exact nodes one needs to manipulate is a non-trivial task. To address this, OpenXML libraries for both Java and .NET are in the works.

  • BEA and Oracle incorporate Sun's Project Tango

    Both Oracle and BEA have incorporated Sun's Web Services stack, Project Tango. Sun are keen to publicize the fact that it is being worked on in open source. Do either of these factors make Tango a force to be reckoned with or will this be another example of Sun trailing behind the pack?

  • Collaboration with Mono Yields Mainsoft for Java EE

    Today, Mainsoft, a leading .NET-Java EE interoperability company, announced Mainsoft for Java EE, Version 2.0. The 2.0 product suite enables .NET developers to produce .NET Web and server applications that run on Linux and other Java-enabled platforms, without having to rewrite code or learn new development skills.

  • Article: Using Java to Crack Office 2007

    Office file manipulation used to be difficult, but since Office 2007, Word, Excel and Powerpoint files can be read and written without anything more complicated than the native JDK itself because Office 2007 documents are now nothing more than ZIP files of XML documents. Ted Neward demonstrates this in action.

  • Microsoft Grants Xandros Intellectual Property Assurance

    Today Microsoft and Xandros announced an agreement similar in terms to the one announced last fall with Novell. This brings the number of Linux distributions with IP assurance to two and while JBoss is mentioned in the article, noticeably missing is Red Hat. The last commitment by Microsoft is striking, as it will now endorse Xandros as the preferred Linux distribution.

  • Casestudy: Composite Application Development at Safeco

    A case study about how motor vehicle insurance records company Safeco used SOA approahes, SCA, BPEL, and composite application approaches to reuse legacy code, enable runtime modifiability thanks to decoupling, Java and .NET interoperability, and the ability to deliver a complex solution integrating over 5 systems in less than 8 weeks with a small team.

  • Jakarta POI 3.0 - Java API To Access Microsoft Office Format Files

    Version 3.0 of the Jakarta POI, the venerable Java library that provides the ability to read and write certain Microsoft Office documents, has been released. This release adds support for MS Excel formulas, improved PowerPoint support, and image extraction for MS Word documents.