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  • A Bottom-Up View of Kotlin Coroutines

    Recently coroutines have become popular as an alternative to Reactive Programming on the JVM. In many cases the costs of restructuring your code around functional operations for reactive streams outweigh the benefits, so coroutines have emerged, initially for Android, as an alternative solution. This deep dive explores how Kotlin's implementation works under the hood.

  • Getting to Know Graal, the New Java JIT Compiler

    Oracle have released Graal, a new JIT compiler for Java. For Java developers, Graal can be thought of as several separate but connected projects - it is a new JIT compiler for HotSpot, and also a new polyglot virtual machine, GraalVM. The initial release includes support for JVM bytecode and JavaScript with LLVM, Ruby and R in beta.

  • Deterministic Execution on the JVM

    For many use cases (for example cryptocurrency ledgers), we need to ensure that any action will execute deterministically and terminate. In this article, Ben Evans reviews the theory behind the WhitelistClassLoader.