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  • Java News Roundup: BellSoft Introduces Alpaquita Linux, GlassFish, WildFly, Hibernate, Tomcat

    This week's Java roundup for September 26th, 2022 features news from OpenJDK, JDK 20, Alpaquita Linux, Native in Spring Boot 3.0-M5, GlassFish 7.0-M9, Open Liberty and, WildFly 27 Beta1, Micronaut 3.7.1, Quarkus 2.13, Hibernate ORM 5.6.12, Hibernate Reactive 1.1.8, Kotlin 1.7.20, TornadoVM 0.14.1, Apache Lucene 9.4, Camel Quarkus 2.13, Apache Tomcat updates and

  • JUnit 5.9 Supports GraalVM Native Image

    JUnit 5.9 resolves various bugs and introduces a number of new features such as the ability to keep temporary files after executing a test. New annotations provide the ability to either enable or disable specific tests when running in a GraalVM Native Image. XML reports are now stored in the Open Testing Reporting format.

  • Helidon 3.0 Introduces Project Starter and Requires Java 17 and Jakarta EE 9.1

    Oracle has released Project Helidon 3.0, featuring support for JDK 17, Jakarta EE 9.1, and MicroProfile 5.0. Also included in this release is the new Helidon Starter for generating custom Helidon applications, an updated command-line tool, and a security hardening of Java serialization through JEP 290: Filter Incoming Serialization Data. InfoQ also spoke to Helidon project lead Dmitry Kornilov.

  • Introducing Spring Boot Migrator

    Spring Boot Migrator (SBM) is an experimental Spring project first released in March 2022. SBM allows developers to convert existing, non Spring Boot applications, which are based on technologies such as JAX-RS, EJB and JMS to Spring Boot or upgrade older Spring Boot applications to the latest version.

  • Jakarta EE 10 Delivers New Core Profile and Updates to Specifications

    Jakarta EE 10, released on September 22, 2022, is the third major, and fourth overall, release of Jakarta EE by the Jakarta EE Working Group since Oracle donated Java EE 8 to the Eclipse Foundation in 2017. This release aims to deliver a set of coordinated specifications for building modernized, simplified, and lightweight cloud-native Java applications across the spectrum of Jakarta EE.

  • Java News Roundup: JDK 19 and Jakarta EE 10 Released, String Templates, Payara Platform

    This week's Java roundup for September 19th, 2022, features news from OpenJDK, JDK 19, JDK 20, Amazon Corretto 19, BellSoft Liberica JDK 19, Jakarta EE 10, multiple Spring Framework updates, Quarkus 2.12.3, Payara Platform updates, Micronaut 3.7.0, GraalVM Native Build Tools 0.9.14, JobRunr 5.2.0, PrimeFaces point releases, Failsafe 3.3.0, Apache Groovy 3.0.13 and Apache Log4j2 2.19.0.

  • Java 19 Delivers Features for Projects Loom, Panama and Amber

    Oracle has released version 19 of the Java programming language and virtual machine with a final feature set that includes seven JEPs. This release features JEPs that provide continued contribution toward Project Amber, Project Loom and Project Panama along with a new feature that ports the JDK to the Linux/RISC-V instruction set.

  • Lightbend Changes Akka License and Is No Longer Open Source

    Akka, a toolkit for writing concurrent distributed applications based on the actor model, was created thirteen years ago by Jonas Bonér, founder and CEO at Lightbend. The company has recently announced a new Akka license model that has changed from the open-source Apache 2.0 to the source-available Business Source License (BSL) 1.1.

  • Apache ShenYu: Java Responsive API Gateway Announced as Apache Top-Level Project

    The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has announced that Apache ShenYu, an asynchronous, high-performance, and responsive API Gateway for service proxy, protocol conversion, and API governance, has been promoted as a Top-Level Project. It is written in Java, but supports multiple languages such as Python, Go and .NET.

  • Java News Roundup: Helidon Níma, Spring Framework, MicroProfile, MicroStream, Kotlin, Piranha

    This week's Java roundup for September 12th, 2022, features news from JDK 19, JDK 20, updates to Spring Framework, Spring Cloud and Spring Tools, introducing Helidon Níma, MicroProfile Reactive specifications, Quarkus 2.12.2, MicroStream 7.1.0, Project Reactor 2022.0.0-M6, Hibernate Search 6.1.7, JHipster Lite 0.15.1, Piranha Cloud 22.9.0, Kotlin 1.7.20-RC and Apache Tika 1.28.5.

  • Introducing Helidon Níma Using Virtual Threads to Achieve Simplicity and High Performance

    Under the umbrella of Project Helidon, Oracle introduced the first microservices framework based on virtual threads (JEP 425) called Helidon Níma. It is built from the ground up to achieve an easy-to-use programming model with outstanding performance. The technology preview is now available with the Helidon 4.0.0-ALPHA1 release for those who are interested in evaluating the latest Java technology.

  • AWS Open Sources Event Ruler

    AWS recently announced that Event Ruler, the component managing the routing rules of Amazon EventBridge, is now open source. The project is a new option for developers in need to match lots of patterns, policies, or expressions against any amount of events in near real-time.

  • Java News Roundup: NetBeans 15, Jakarta EE 10, jtreg 7, Spring Cloud, Groovy, Helidon, Micronaut

    This week's Java roundup for September 5th, 2022, features news from OpenJDK, JDK 20, Jakarta EE 10, Spring Cloud 2021.0.4, Quarkus 2.12.1, Micronaut 3.6.2 and 3.6.3, Helidon 2.5.3, important changes to upcoming JDK 8 maintenance release, Hibernate ORM 6.1.3, Reactive Native JHipster 4.3.0, Apache NetBeans 15, Apache Groovy 4.0.5, Apache Camel 3.18.2, Ktor 2.1.1 and the JavaZone conference.

  • JEP 429: Extent-Local Variables to Promote Immutability in Java

    JEP 429, Extent-Local Variables (Incubator), was promoted from its JEP Draft 8263012 to Candidate status. This incubating JEP, under the umbrella of Project Loom, proposes enabling the sharing of immutable data within and across threads. This is preferred to thread-local variables, especially when using large numbers of virtual threads.

  • JDK 19 and JDK 20: What We Know So Far

    JDK 19, the second non-LTS release since JDK 17, has reached its initial release candidate phase with a final set of seven (7) new features, in the form of JEPs, that can be separated into three categories: Core Java Library, Java Specification and Hotspot Compiler. We examine JDK 19 and predict what features may be targeted for JDK 20.