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  • JavaFX in AppStores and Improved UI Framework

    Gluon spoke recently to discuss cross-platform JavaFX applications running on computers and mobile devices. Examples include two games. Meanwhile the ControlsFX team has release a new update with improved UI controls.

  • Java News Roundup - Week of Feb 15th, 2021

    A roundup of smaller stories in the Java ecosystem from the week of February 15th, 2021.

  • Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr) v1.0 Announced

    The Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr) team announced today that Dapr v1.0 is now available and is considered production-ready. Dapr is an open-source runtime that allows developers to build resilient, microservices-based applications that run on the cloud and edge. With the v1.0 release, developers can deploy Dapr applications to Kubernetes clusters in production scenarios.

  • Netflix Open Sources Their Domain Graph Service Framework: GraphQL for Spring Boot

    Within a few months of implementing their Domain Graph Service Framework (DGS), Netflix has open-sourced DGS to the Java community. This framework improves the usage of GraphQL for standalone and federated GraphQL services. InfoQ spoke to Paul Bakker, senior software engineer at Netflix and committer for DGS, about open-sourcing the DGS framework.

  • Java News Roundup - Week of Feb 8th, 2021

    A roundup of the week's smaller stories in the Java ecosystem.

  • GraalVM inside Oracle Database

    Oracle has added support for GraalVM-based stored procedures that run inside the database. The capability supports JavaScript functions through the Multilingual Engine (MLE) focused on the APEX framework. This removes unnecessary data transfer over the network and can significantly improve performance.

  • Pinterest Describes an Architecture for Efficient Retrieval of Hierarchical Documents

    In a recent blog post, Pinterest engineers describe how they implemented an efficient two-stage retrieval architecture to retrieve hierarchical documents in a home-grown search engine. They accomplished it by combining index flattening, index normalization, and index denormalization.

  • JakartaOne Livestream 2020: Conference Summary

    The second annual JakartaOne Livestream conference went live on December 8th, 2020, with the first of 12 one-hour sessions starting at 6:00am EST. Focused on Jakarta EE and MicroProfile, these sessions included keynotes, 45-minute technical sessions, 15-minute theme sessions, and panel discussions delivered by a host of Java luminaries. There was also a special tribute to Bill Shannon.

  • JFrog to Shut down JCenter and Bintray

    JFrog has announced that it is shutting down the Bintray asset hosting service, which includes the JCenter Java repository, often used by Gradle and Android builds. Uploads to Bintray will be blocked at the end of the month, and assets will be unavailable for download after the end of April, and deleted shortly afterwards. Read on to find out what this means for your Java build pipelines.

  • IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 EAP 1 Supports Java 16

    JetBrains released IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1 EAP 1 featuring full support for Java 16. Other noteworthy features include support for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2, a built-in browser to preview HTML files, and improved profiling support. This release also makes it possible to run applications via Docker, SSL, and WSL.

  • GraalVM 21.0 Introduces a JVM Written in Java

    GraalVM has released major version 21.0 with a new component, Java on Truffle, that provides a JVM implementation written in Java. GraalVM is itself a polyglot virtual machine that provides a shared runtime to execute applications in multiple languages. Java on Truffle, a JVM written in Java using the Truffle framework, provides a new option to run Java applications. Its code name is Espresso.

  • Grails Foundation Established to Advance Adoption of Grails Framework

    Object Computing, Inc. (OCI) has announced the creation of the Grails Foundation, a not-for-profit company established to advance innovation and adoption of the Grails framework. The foundation will receive initial funding of $200,000 from OCI for development and evangelism. Jeff Scott Brown and Puneet Behl spoke to InfoQ about the formation of the foundation.

  • Java 1.0 Turns 25

    On January 23rd, 1996, Sun Microsystems announced the availability of Java 1.0, an object-oriented, platform neutral programming language. The fact that it was released as a freely available language and compiler for multiple platforms, coupled with its embedding in popular web browsers of the time, spring boarded Java to the world. InfoQ looks back at Java's history and future.

  • Red Hat Releases OptaPlanner 8

    InfoQ spoke to Geoffrey De Smet about Red Hat’s OptaPlanner 8 release. This new version provides better support for new technologies such as Spring Boot and Quarkus, while still supporting Spring Boot and plain Java. One of the improvements for release 8 are quickstart examples showcasing the various OptaPlanner features in the supported technologies.

  • AdoptOpenJDK Welcomes Dragonwell

    AdoptOpenJDK and Alibaba announced that the Dragonwell JDK will be built, tested, and distributed using AdoptOpenJDK's infrastructure. This means users have more options and can opt to use Dragonwell because of its unique features such as coroutine and warmup support.


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