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Distributed Caching Essential Lessons

Posted by Cameron Purdy  on  Jan 09, 2007 4 Posted by Cameron Purdy Follow 0 Followers  on  Jan 09, 2007 4

Cameron Purdy shows how to improve performance via caching architectures to reduce database load & clustered caching to provide transparent fail-over.


Security Assertion Markup Language - SAML

Posted by David Vandaele  on  Dec 14, 2006 Posted by David Vandaele Follow 0 Followers  on  Dec 14, 2006

The Security Assertion Markup Language has emerged as the gold standard for building Cross-Domain SSO solutions and is a key technology in the domain of federated identity management.


Case Study: Zero Calories J2EE

Posted by Thomas Christensen  on  Dec 12, 2006 2 Posted by Thomas Christensen Follow 0 Followers  on  Dec 12, 2006 2

Case study of a successful project where the J2EE stack was abandoned in favour of a lightweight web architecture using Tapestry, Spring, Hibernate, and testing with JUnitWebTest.

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How to Design a Good API & Why it Matters

Posted by Joshua Bloch  on  Nov 21, 2006 23 Posted by Joshua Bloch Follow 16 Followers  on  Nov 21, 2006 23

Core Java language designer Joshua Bloch teaches how to design good APIs, with many examples of what good and bad APIs look like.