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  • Article: Mainframe Integration with JBoss ESB and LegStar

    In a new article, Fady Moussallam & Mark Little describe how to use the open source JBossESB to integrate legacy COBOL CICS applications without necessarily having to rely on XML and Web Services stacks.

  • An ESB Vendors Evaluation by Forrester Research

    Forrester Research has just released a new 171-criteria evaluation of enterprise service bus (ESB) vendors, which finds that Progress Software, Oracle, Software AG, IBM, and TIBCO Software have the most-focused ESB and service-oriented-architecture- (SOA-) related strategies, the most-mature tooling, and the greatest flexibility in deployment and configuration.

  • JBoss ESB 4: SOA beyond SOAP/HTTP

    JBoss has released a GA version of JBossESB 4.0, its open source ESB product. According to JBoss the ESB supports SOA concepts independently of Web services. InfoQ talked to JBossESB development manager Mark Little.