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"Classic" versus "Mockist" TDD, Distinction Real?

by Mike Bria on  Jan 22, 2009 6

Hot in the TDD Yahoo group is a discussion concerning the perceived continuum between the "Classic" and "Mockist" TDD. Steve Freeman, Nat Pryce, Michael Feathers, Dale Emery, and many more discuss terminology and describe their approaches. The discussion also debates whether there even really exists such a continuum, and if so, what distinguishes the approaches that represent it's extremes?

Evolving Embedded Domain Specific Languages in Java

by Rob Thornton on  Jan 02, 2007

Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce presented a paper on Evolving an Embedded Domain-Specific Language in Java at OOPSLA 2006. The paper describes the evolution of jMock from a framework to a domain specific language embedded in Java. They describe how it happened, lessons learned about EDSLs, their limits, and how Java and C# work as host languages for them.