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Followers Introduction to SproutCore by Mike Subelsky Follow 0 Followers Posted on Dec 30, 2009 In this presentation from JSConf 2009, Mike Subelsky gives an introduction to SproutCore, a JavaScript application development framework. Topics discussed include the philosophy behind SproutCore, the differences between desktop and browser development, key/value observeration, data bindings, demos of SproutCore, SproutCore features and API, and examples of SproutCore applications. 4

Followers JavaScript: Measuring Performance, Games, and Distributed Testing by John Resig Follow 0 Followers Posted on Dec 23, 2009 John Resig touches three JavaScript issues: performance measuring – calling getTime() or using a browser extension like Firebug, plus performing complexity analysis -, creating games – should be multiplayer, hard to cheat, available on all devices, and addictive –, and performing distributed testing to evaluate how a program or game works in a real set. 2

Followers Developing JavaScript Desktop Applications by Jeff Haynie Follow 0 Followers Posted on Dec 22, 2009 Appcelerator's Titanium allows to build and deploy desktop applications which run seamlessly on Windows, OSX and Linux desktops using Javascript and HTML. Jeff Haynie explains how Titanium works, how to build apps and how it compares to Adobe Air. 2

Followers Interoperable JavaScript-Based Client/Server Web Applications by Kris Zyp Follow 0 Followers Posted on Dec 22, 2009 Kris Zyp on protocols, standards, and tools for building web applications using a consistent JavaScript model from storage to server application to browser. He exemplifies with DOJO and Persevere. Key topics: JavaScript, JSON, REST.

Followers PhoneGap: Mobile Applications with HTML, CSS and JavaScript by Brian LeRoux Follow 0 Followers Posted on Dec 16, 2009 Brian LeRoux presents PhoneGap, a mobile web framework for creating phone applications using just HTML, CSS and JavaScript without having to programm in phone’s native language, Objective C, Java or C++. PhoneGap is open source and currently works on IPhone, Android and Blackberry, supporting features like: geo-location, vibration, accelerometer, sound and contacting support. 2

Followers Hacking Selenium by Jason Huggins Follow 0 Followers Posted on Dec 10, 2009 In this presentation, Jason Huggins discusses why Selenium exists, Selenium as a functional testing tool, problems with using Selenium, the history of Selenium, JWebUnit, DriftWood, JsUnit, Fit, Selenium core, Selenium IDE, Selenium Remote Control, Selenium Grid, issues encountered doing functional testing in the browser, and Selenium hacks to work around these issues. 1

Followers Real Time Web with XMPP by Jack Moffitt Follow 0 Followers Posted on Dec 02, 2009 After an introduction to XMPP, Jack Moffitt presents Strophe, a library for writing XMPP clients, and he demonstrates sample code showing how to program against it.