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  • Oracle Reinstates Free Time Zone Updates for Java 7

    The internet has been buzzing this week with the news that Oracle has ceased to provide free time zone updates outside of the standard JDK release cycle. However, at the end of yesterday the firm appeared to have a change of heart.

  • Java Time API Now In Java 8

    ThreeTen, the reference implementation of JSR 310 Date and Time API, is now included in JDK 8 build 75. The Java Time API for JDK 8 is under the package java.time, moving away from the javax.time package of earlier implementations. All the Java Time classes are immutable and thread-safe, based on the ISO 8601 calendar system, the de facto world calendar following the proleptic Gregorian rules.

  • New Date and Time API Looks Set for Java 8

    Following refactoring work carried out over the summer to simplify and refine the API, JSR 310, the long running Java Specification Request led by Stephen Colebourne to replace Java's complex date APIs, has been added to the feature list for Java 8. It is expected to arrive in January 2013’s milestone 6 release.

  • Date4j - A Minimalistic Library for Handling Dates

    Date4j is a minimalistic library for handling dates in Java offering very high precision (nanoseconds) and configurable options for month overflows.

  • JSR 310 Date and Time API for Java

    Stephen Colebourne, lead of the JSR 310 Date and Time API, has recently published an Early Draft Review of the proposed additions and changes to the Java language. InfoQ caught up with Stephen at QCon London to find out more about the project.

  • Date and Time API: Round 3

    The existing Date and Calendar classes haven't really fit the bill for developers and have often been a painful area of the API to work with. JSR 310 aims to provide a complete, fully featured Date and Time API for the Java platform which might be available with Java 7.

  • JSR-310 Announced: Date and Time API

    Stephen Colebourne has announced JSR 310, a new Date and Time API, to be based on Joda-Time and hopefully shipping in Java 7. As the JSR reads, the goal is to provide a more advanced and comprehensive model for date and time than those found in the Date and Calendar APIs.