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Date and Time API: Round 3

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Nearly two yers ago a Java Specification Request was filed to provide a much needed overhaul of the Date and Time API for the Java platform. The official request has been logged as JSR 310: Date and Time API. As documented in the specification request the goal is to, upon the lessons learned from the first two APIs (Date and Calendar) in Java SE, providing a more advanced and comprehensive model for date and time manipulation.
There are three areas identified that the new API will aim to improve:
  1. A data model for dates and times that provides much more than the existing Date and Calendar.
  2. Date and Time issues including formatting, parsing, serialization and persistence.
  3. Simple to use API.
The new API is expected to be included in a javax.time package and at the time of this writing includes over 90 classes, a significant effort over the existing Date and Time API. Jesse Farnham provided a thorough explanation of the proposed API and is worth reading to get a better grasp of what the API will look like and provide.

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