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  • JSR 296 Swing Application Framework Prototype Release

    One of the common developer complaints with Swing since its inception has been where is the application framework. JSR 296 - Swing Application Framework which is attempting to address this issue released its first prototype this week.

  • Interview with Hans Muller about JSR-296: Swing Application Framework

    Artima has an interview with Hans Muller, the spec lead for JSR 296: Swing Application Framework discussing where it fits in with existing gui toolkits and rich client platforms as well as how it addresses the main developer frustrations of desktop Swing development, including wiring actions, multithreading, and GUI design.

  • Standard Application Framework for Swing Proposal Approved

    Unlike the web development world, the Swing community has long been lacking standards or frameworks for how to best design applications. This may change soon, as JSR 296, Swing Application Framework, has been approved by the JCP. The framework aims to standardize the basic structure of a Swing app including lifecycle, persistent session state, ascychronous event handling, and localized resources.