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  • Promoting Creativity in Software Development with the Kaizen Method

    As employers struggle to hire and retain qualified talent in high-tech, SenecaGlobal is using the Kaizen method of continuous improvements by implementing small, positive changes to its culture encouraging innovation and recognition among employees. When applied to software development, Kaizen aims to produce zero-defect code and/or work(flow) processes that exceed client satisfaction metrics.

  • Go, See & Do. A Guide to Running a Gemba Sprint

    This article is a guide to organizing a Gemba sprint; a sprint where teams, leadership, and management work together with the ultimate goal of coming together as an organization. Ahmad Fahmy explores what is needed to set up a Gemba sprint, how to organize and run one and provides some dos and don'ts to make a Gemba sprint effective.

  • Large Scaled-Scrum Development Does Work!

    Agile Scrum development as such is nothing new and extraordinary. But when putting up to 100 professionals from all related development and product areas in the same boat to develop a product … then it becomes a challenge. This article explores how the Ericsson ICT Development Center Eurolab in Aachen has tackled this with the help of Kaizen and other adjustments to Agile practices.

  • The Essence of Flow

    How do you get good flow? A common scenario in a software company is that too much is going on at once. We need a shift in mindset, to go from focus on resource efficiency to focus on flow efficiency. This article presents concrete examples on how to achieve flow by limiting WIP, reduce wait times and arrange cross-functional teams.

  • Kanban on Track - Evolutionary Change Management at the Swiss Railways

    Swiss Railways (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen, SBB) employed Kanban to transform a department from disappointing performance to predictable efficiency through a series of incremental improvements. The evolutionary nature of Kanban gained traction with early quick wins and resulted in better management and greater responsiveness to change. This is a brief report of their two year journey.

  • Culture is the True North - Scaling at Jimdo

    A lot of the pain that large and medium-sized organizations are facing boils down to scaling. It is not difficult to have 5-10 people working together in one room. However, as your business becomes more successful and your hiring increases, you will start to see problems. At Jimdo, the approach to scaling relies on three major factors: culture, communication, and kaizen.