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Arlo Belshee and James Shore on Minimum Marketable Features

Interview with Arlo Belshee James Shore on  Aug 05, 2010

Arlo Belshee and James Shore, both Gordan Pask Award winners, discuss their experiences and thoughts regarding continuous flow (i.e. without iterations) agile development practices and techniques. They discuss many well known and not-so-well known practices such as naked planning, kanban, the detective's blackboard, and MMFs and provide insight into how these practices affect success.

Mike Cottmeyer on Agile in the Enterprise

Interview with Mike Cottmeyer on  Jul 06, 2010

Mike Cottmeyer is focused on maintaining business agility while adopting team agility. He shares various techniques and strategies that are successful with larger organizations when adopting and adapting agile techniques. He also shares his experience helping people transition from traditional project management to agile project management.

David Anderson Talks Kanban, Agile and the Lean Software and Systems Consortium

Interview with David Anderson on  Jun 09, 2010

David Anderson discusses using the Kanban concept to make software development more efficient, the use of Kanban in both a large enterprise organization and as a consultant, how Kanban (in association with related systems such as CONWIP and Drum-Buffer-Rope) is catching on in the industry and helping developers improve predictability of their software, and the Lean Software and Systems Consortium.

Mary and Tom Poppendieck on Lean Software

Interview with Mary Poppendieck Tom Poppendieck on  Jun 01, 2010 1

Mary and Tom discuss the history of Lean, and what they feel are the most important things for software teams and organizations to thrive.Results are not the point, the point is growing your people, converting them into effective problem solvers who are relentlessly improving. If everybody in the organization is a problem solver, you'll get steadily better and better.