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  • Java News Roundup: Eclipse Soteria 3.0, Log4j, Hibernate ORM, IntelliJ IDEA

    This week's Java roundup for July 4th, 2022, features news from JDK 19, JDK 20, Spring projects updates, Open Liberty and, Quarkus 2.10.2, Hibernate ORM 5.6.10, Hibernate Reactive 1.1.7, Eclipse Foundation projects updates, Apache Software Foundation projects updates, JDKMon 17.0.31 and 17.0.29 and JetBrains product updates.

  • Java News Roundup: JEP 424, NetBeans 13, Hazelcast 5.1, JHipster 7.7, Spring Cloud Gateway CVEs

    This week's Java roundup for February 28th, 2022, features news from OpenJDK, JDK 19, point and milestone releases on various Spring projects, Quarkus 2.7.3.Final, Micronaut 3.3.4, HIbernate Validator versions 6.2.2.Final, 7.0.3.Final and 8.0.0.Alpha1, Hazelcast 5.1, Apache NetBeans 13, Apache Log4j 2.17.2, JHipster 7.7.0, and JReleaser 1.0.0-M3.

  • Log4Shell Defenses: Java Agents in Conversation with Contrast Security’s Arshan Dabirsiaghi

    Due to the critical nature of the systems and to the severe and critical nature of the log4shell vulnerability, an alternative approach to fixing it was required. Java Agents played a crucial role in this defense strategy. InfoQ reached out to Arshan Dabirsianghi, chief scientist and founder of Contrast Security, for a better understanding of their approach.

  • Java News Roundup: More Log4Shell Statements, Spring and Quarkus Updates, New Value Objects JEP

    This week's Java roundup for December 20th, 2021, features news from OpenJDK with a new draft on value objects, JDK 18, JDK 19, Project Loom, additional statements from vendors on Log4Shell, numerous Spring and Quarkus updates, Hibernate ORM 6.0.0-M3, point releases from Apache Camel and Camel Quarkus, Apache Tika 2.2.1 and GraalVM Native Build Tools 0.9.9.

  • Java News Roundup: Updates on Log4Shell, Spring Framework 6.0-M1, WildFly 26

    This week's Java roundup for December 13th, 2021, features news from JDK 19, updates on the Log4Shell vulnerability, vendor statements on Log4Shell related to their products, point releases on various Spring-related projects and Hibernate, WildFly 26, Payara Platform, Quarkus 2.5.3.Final, Apache Camel 3.14.0, Piranha 21.11.0, and Apache Tika 2.2.0.

  • Log4j 2.6 Goes Garbage-Free

    Log4j, the popular logging library for Java, will include a number of configuration options that allows it to run in a completely garbage-free manner. The release follows previous attempts to improve the performance of logging libraries, and has been positively received by the industry. Further changes to increase the number of scenarios in which log4j can run garbage-free are expected.

  • Log4j Version 1 Reaches End of Life

    Apache has announced the EOL of version 1 of Log4j. Although Log4j version 2 was released in July 2014, version 1 was maintained until early August 2015. The new version is a full rewrite of the logging library, addressing many of the issues of version 1 and achieving unprecedented performance. Apache has made an effort to ease the upgrade, although advanced users may need some migration work.