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  • How Compuware Escaped Its Waterfall for True Mainframe DevOps

    Compuware fought gravity and began innovating using DevOps, without losing staff or focus on the mainframe computing platform that brought company success for over 45 years.

  • Retiring Mainframe Programmers: Should I Care?

    We stay up on new languages, frameworks, and architectures yet ignore the value of mainframe applications. Mainframes manage 70% of the world’s transactions yet its programmer workforce is rapidly retiring baby boomers. And millennials have no interest in mainframe careers. This article describes that state of mainframe applications, bad talks management, and then provides detailed solutions.

  • Five Steps to Migrate Unisys Mainframes to AWS

    If you have a Unisys mainframe, you may be thinking that cloud computing isn’t an option. But cloud computing has quickly matured, as have the offerings of service providers like AWS, and it’s now proving itself to be a viable option for running mainframe application workloads.