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  • Ruiz and Almiray at Devoxx UK: Lessons on How to Escape the Maven Dependency Hell

    During their Devoxx UK talk Ixchel Ruiz, developer advocate at JFrog, and Andres Almiray, principal product manager at Oracle, presented multiple “maven puzzlers" together with their potential solutions to escaping the Apache Maven dependencies hell. In an effort to be as comprehensive as possible, they spoke about direct, transient and even inherited dependencies from parent POMs.

  • Maven Central Enables SSL

    Responding to recent concerns that hackers could upload rogue versions of common libraries to Maven Central, Sonatype has released a patch that closes a security vulnerability, enabling SSL by default.

  • OSGi Abandons Snapshot Proposal

    With the recently-released OSGi Release 5 early access documents, one of the most anticipated features of the upcoming specification – that of SNAPSHOT style versions for OSGi – has been dropped from the specification because of concerns with existing tooling. Read on to find out why.