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Q&A with Drew Koszewnik on a Disseminated Cache, Netflix Hollow

by Rags Srinivas Follow 11 Followers on  Dec 14, 2016

Drew Koszewnik of Netflix talks to Rags Srinivas about a disseminated cache called Hollow.

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Hazelcast Version 3.6 Features Performance Improvements and Cloud Management

by Victor Grazi Follow 22 Followers on  Jan 25, 2016

Hazelcast has released version 3.6 of their flagship in-memory grid and caching software, featuring numerous performance improvements and new cloud management and container deployment options.


GAE 1.8.2 Introduces Dedicated Memcache and Modules

by Abel Avram Follow 11 Followers on  Jul 18, 2013 2

Google App Engine developers can now access dedicated cache up to 20GB of memory and split the application in modules providing stateless and secure services.


Learning to Scale Websites at Mozilla

by Aslan Brooke Follow 0 Followers on  Feb 08, 2013

Mozilla is scaling websites from thousands to hundreds of millions of users through simple scaling patterns they have learned internally according to Brandon Burton, web operations engineer at Mozilla. The lessons learned include caching, scaling out web servers, asynchronous jobs, and databases.


Memcached surpasses EhCache and Coherence in Java Job Demand

by Rick Hightower Follow 0 Followers on  Sep 13, 2011 17

Around January 2011, Memcached became the number one caching solution based on Java developer job demand. Memcached expanded beyond its LAMP roots. InfoQ caught up with Dustin Sallings, the implementer of Spymemcached the leading Java Memcached client, to get his perspective on the rise of Memcached in the Java world.


Presentation: Facebook: Science and the Social Graph

by Abel Avram Follow 11 Followers on  Mar 26, 2009 9

In this presentation filmed during QCon SF 2008, Aditya Agarwal discusses Facebook’s architecture, more exactly the software stack used, presenting the advantages and disadvantages of its major components: LAMP (PHP, MySQL), Memcache, Thrift, Scribe.


Presentation: Rockstar Memcaching

by Werner Schuster Follow 9 Followers on  Oct 28, 2008

In this presentation from RubyFringe, Tobias Lütke talks about memcached, the widely used caching solution. Tobias explains how to use it and gives some practical tips on what not to do.


Need to Scale Fast? Just Re-Architect it!

by Gavin Terrill Follow 1 Followers on  Jun 13, 2008 3

The team at Delores Lab talk about lessons learned when their their site was featured on the Yahoo! home page, going from 500 to 100,000 visits overnight!


Java Clustering Framework Shoal Provides Fault Tolerance and Distributed State Cache

by Srini Penchikala Follow 37 Followers on  Feb 08, 2008 4

Shoal is a java clustering framework that provides infrastructure to build fault tolerance, reliability and availability for java application servers. It can also be plugged into any application that needs clustering and distributed systems capabilities. Shoal is the clustering engine for GlassFish and JonAS application servers and provides a distributed state cache for storing application state.


Scaling Web Applications using Cache Farms and Read Pools

by Gavin Terrill Follow 1 Followers on  Nov 12, 2007 2

Exploring a couple of lesser known tools in the architects' scaling toolkit.


Using memcached with ASP.NET

by Jonathan Allen Follow 610 Followers on  Jul 12, 2007 4

Instead of ASP.Net's built-in caching, some .NET developers are turning to memcached, is a distributed memory caching system originally by Danga Interactive for LiveJournal.


Article: A Look at Common Performance Problems in Rails

by Obie Fernandez Follow 0 Followers on  Jun 13, 2006 13

Rails performance expert Dr. Stefan Kaes takes a look at the most common performance issues in your Rails applications and what to do about them. Advice is given regarding benchmarking, choosing a session container, caching results of expensive computations, optimizing database queries and working effectively with view helpers.

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