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InfoQ Homepage News Hazelcast Version 3.6 Features Performance Improvements and Cloud Management

Hazelcast Version 3.6 Features Performance Improvements and Cloud Management

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In-memory computing provider Hazelcast has released version 3.6 of their flagship in-memory grid and caching software, featuring numerous performance improvements and new cloud management and container deployment options that make it easier for users to set-up, configure and manage cloud or hybrid on-premise deployments.

Featured in the release is “Hot Restart Store” – a new high-performance persistence feature that Hazelcast says adds persistence with write performance of 310,000 writes per second per node and restart times of 7 seconds per 1.3GB per node (with parallel load across nodes). Hot Restart Store will support JCache, Map, Hibernate and Web Sessions data structures.

Other cloud enhancements include new container deployment options for Docker, and support for Kubernetes, Apache jclouds, Consul, CloudFoundry and OpenShift PaaS.

Additionally, software updates are now possible without having to reload data.
Hazelcast High-Density Memory Store (HDMS) now also supports JCache, Map, Hibernate and Web Sessions data structures to allow the creation of huge caches with hundreds of GBs per node.

This release also features the “Open Binary Client Protocol” to enable community development of new clients. According to Hazelcast, community members have developed clients for Python, Ruby NodeJS, Scala and Clojure, which are all freely available as open source.

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