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A Blend of Java and Ruby - The Mirah Language

Posted by Werner Schuster on  Jul 27, 2010

Mirah is a new language for the JVM that can do everything the Java language can do - but with a Ruby-ish syntax and powerful metaprogramming. InfoQ talks to Mirah's creator Charles Nutter. 12

Best Practices for Model-Driven Software Development

Posted by Sven Efftinge Peter Friese Jan Köhnlein on  Jun 25, 2008

Sven Efftinge, Peter Friese, and Jan Köhnlein pass on Model-driven software development best practices they have learned after years of increasing success applying MDD. 6

Aaron Erickson on LINQ and i4o

Posted by Jonathan Allen on  Jun 22, 2007

Aaron Erickson talks about LINQ, expressions trees, and introduces his new LINQ extension Indexes for Objects (i4o). 5

Adding Properties to Ruby Metaprogramatically

Posted by Werner Schuster on  Apr 18, 2007

Werner Schuster walks us through a simple example of adding Java-style properties support to Ruby classes via a Mixin by using elements of meta-programming. 8

Will the Enterprise change Ruby, or will Ruby change the Enterprise?

Posted by Francis Cianfrocca on  Jul 11, 2006

Ruby has been very successful in some important niches, but to date enterprise IT has not been among them. Author Francis Cianfrocca asks "why?" 7