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InfoQ Homepage Guides Agile with Guts - A pragmatic guide to value-driven development

Agile with Guts - A pragmatic guide to value-driven development


The first principle of the Agile Manifesto is about “valuable software”. Value is subjective; it’s the perceived benefit we get from something. Imagine you are working for an IT department in a large organization. You want to deliver valuable software with iterative delivery. There might be dozens of stakeholders with dozens of definition of value. How do you ensure you are both “building the right thing” and “building the thing right”? Suppose you are increasing your productivity, you might be building the wrong product faster.

This book describes how a large organization uses techniques to focus on the right product and to deeply anchor the idea that less output can deliver more outcomes.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Build the right thing right
  • Value-driven development (VDD)
    • Value
    • Traditional drivers
    • The wrong metaphor
  • VDD in five minutes
    • Five principles
    • What about patterns?
  • Goal
    • Pattern #1: Peel the problem..
    • Pattern #2: Make an impact
    • Pattern #3: Simplify the flow..
    • Pattern #4: Minimum viable product
    • Start on Monday to find your goal
  • Uncertainty
    • Pattern #5: Crash test your ideas
    • Pattern #6: Unknown assumptions
    • Pattern #7: Buy some time
    • Pattern #8: Estimate the intangibles
    • Start on Monday to embrace uncertainty
  • Tradeoffs
    • Pattern #9: Keep score
    • Pattern #10: Prioritize at all levels
    • Pattern #11: Fight Irrationality
    • Pattern #12: Encourage alternatives
    • Start on Monday to find tradeoffs
  • Speed
    • Pattern #9: Sequence is evil
    • Pattern #10: Shortest timeboxing
    • Pattern #11: Accelerate with less
    • Pattern #12: Rework first
    • Start on Monday to speed up
  • A team with guts
    • Pattern #17: Collective ownership
    • Pattern #18: Make it visible
    • Pattern #19: Adaptation requires discipline
    • Pattern #20: Leadership is not management
    • Start on Monday to build a team with guts
  • Conclusion
  • Thanks!
  • About the author
  • Bibliography