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InfoQ Homepage Guides Understanding Agile Values & Principles. An Examination of the Agile Manifesto

Understanding Agile Values & Principles. An Examination of the Agile Manifesto


Many organizations start their Agile journey without a good (or any) coverage of the Agile Manifesto’s Values and Principles. As framework-specific training has increased, many of those trained seem to have limited familiarity with those values and principles. As a result, people tend to revert to old practices when Agile ones seem difficult to implement. A limited understanding of the values and principles often prevents choosing alternatives more consistent with an agile mindset.

Agile ideas are simple but not necessarily easy to implement. This book offers thoughts on what an understanding of the values and principles could mean to an organization. Each value and principle is explored, suggesting possible practices and considerations in implementing each one. This should make it easier to apply the values and principles when considering practice options and alternatives.

Praise for the book

In the ensuing 15 years, I have been consistently impressed with Scott’s mastery of agile. When he weighs in on the question of principles versus practices, as he does in this book, we all benefit. Mike Cohn

Scott has provided important commentary on and elaboration of the values and principles in the Agile Manifesto. This is a good read whether you are an agile novice or an experienced practitioner. Ken Rubin

 Scott Duncan…leads us through a clear and comprehensive look at the Manifesto and what it really means to those of us who try to apply it in our work and lives. Highly recommended!. Ron Jeffries

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Table of Contents:

  • An Overview
  • Fundamental Considerations
  • Individuals and Interactions
  • Working Software
  • Customer Collaboration
  • Responding to Change
  • Satisfy the Customer
  • Deliver Frequently
  • Working Together
  • Motivated Individuals
  • Face-to-Face Conversation
  • Working Software… Again?
  • Sustainable Development
  • Technical Excellence
  • Simplicity
  • Self-Organizing Teams
  • Team Reflection
  • Epilogue
  • Further Reading
  • About the Author