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Dependency-Oriented Thinking: Volume 2 – Governance and Management


Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a somewhat disappointing technology buzzword from the last decade, associated with expensive and heavyweight technology that does not provide as much of a return on investment as was hyped - or is it? Has the industry just failed to understand and exploit the power of SOA?

Ganesh Prasad, an industry veteran with over a decade's worth of SOA experience at varied organisations, has discovered the secret to unlocking SOA's wasted potential. He aims to reignite SOA practice with a fresh, lightweight yet rigorous method based on the single most important element that underlies all types of system interactions - the notion of dependencies. "Dependency-Oriented Thinking" is the book that reveals these secrets for the first time.

Volume 2 is aimed at business executives, heads of IT, enterprise architects and project managers. It provides them with a formal method to direct and manage the development of systems that deliver business agility, sustainably reduce cost and minimise operational risk - the goals of SOA.

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Table of Contents

  • Synopsis
  • Part I – Why the Industry Is Doing SOA Governance All Wrong
    • Timidity in Asserting the All-Encompassing Scope of SOA
    • Confusion Between Governance and Management
    • Obesity of the Governance Function
  • Part II – Elements of a Common-Sense Approach
    • Back to First Principles and the Notion of “Dependencies”
    • An Architectural Framework to Analyse Dependencies
      • Introducing the BAIT Model
      • BAIT As a Model of Dependency Types
      • BAIT As a Model of Operations
      • TOGAF Artefacts As Dependency Relationships
  • Part III – A Practical Guide to Governing and Managing Dependencies
    • Agencies and Vehicles
      • Key Roles
      • Key Bodies
    • Functions and Processes
      • One-Time Processes
      • Recurring Processes
      • Processes in Steady State
    • Governance and Management Checklists
      • Classification of Dependencies
      • The List of Checklists
      • A Basic Governance Checklist
      • A Basic Management Checklist
      • Fundamental Enterprise Dependencies and Dependency Checklists
      • Business-Layer Dependency Checklists
      • Application-Layer Dependency Checklists
      • Information-Layer Dependency Checklists
      • Technology-Layer Dependency Checklists
    • Bringing About Desired Behaviour: Velvet Glove or Iron Hand?
  • Summary and Conclusions
    • Contributions of This Document
    • Potential Criticism of This Approach
  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgements
  • Appendix A – SOA Governance and Management: An Issue of Definition
  • Appendix B – Lessons from Cadet Camp (or Why SOA Is Like a Snake Pit)
  • Appendix C – Core Entities and Dependencies in the TOGAF Model
  • Appendix D – Artefacts in the TOGAF Model
  • Appendix E – References