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InfoQ eMag: Cloud Lock-In


History shows that people hunger for freedom. Freedom to choose something, and change our mind later. However, I.T. hasn't typically be set up to satisfy that desire. Technology choices are made, and because of a variety of reasons--such as multi-year licensing cost, tightly coupled links to mission-critical systems, long-standing vendor relationships--you feel "locked into" those choices. But what is lock-in,really? Is the concern overblown, or is it something that negatively impacts your business? Can any products actually eliminate lock-in? Does open-source software reduce your lock-in risk?

 In this InfoQ eMag, we explore the topic of cloud lock-in from multiple angles.

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Cloud Lock-In eMag includes:

  • Everything Is “Lock-In”: Focus on Switching Costs - Coding in Java, buying SAP, deploying OpenStack, and using Amazon Web Services: each one introduces a type of lock-in. However, it makes no difference how hard you try- some form of lock-in is unavoidable. What matters most is understanding the layers of lock-in, and how to assess and reduce your switching costs.

  • Virtual Panel on (Cloud) Lock-In - There's no shortage of opinions on the topic of technology lock-in. InfoQ reached out to four software industry leaders to participate in a lively virtual panel on this topic: Joe Beda, Simon Crosby, Krish Subramanian, and Cloud Opinion.

  • Multi-Cloud Is a Safety Belt for the Speed Freaks - Cloud bursting! On-premises! Hybrid cloud! Off-premises! Multi-cloud! These are phrases author Michael Coté heard over the past 10 years when covering cloud as an analyst, strategist, and now evangelist. Each of them makes logical sense, especially on a big whiteboard with boxes and arrows going to and fro. In recent times, it’s the last - multi-cloud - that he's seen in actual practice the most.

  • Approaching Lock-In from a Consultant’s Perspective: An Interview with Nicki Watt - Consultants play a major role in helping companies deliver software. How do these consultants tackle lock-in and build portable solutions? In this interview, OpenCredo's Nicki Watt tackles this topic.

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