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InfoQ eMag: DevOps War Stories


In this eMag we share real war stories from organizations that have adapted and evolved towards their own DevOps culture. The successes and the failures. The breakthroughs and the steps backwards. The technical advancements and the people changes.

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Contents of the DevOps eMag include:

  • Introducing DevOps in a Traditional Enterprise In this article we hear a very personal story on introducing a DevOps mindset at a large bank. In particular how the automation of configuration and release management processes enabled collaboration.
  • DevOps @ Nokia Entertainment  John Clapham, Software Development Manager at Nokia's Entertainment division, shows how DevOps behaviours can be introduced, and sustained, in a large organisation, through the five P’s: promotion, planning, perseverance, patience, and of course, pizza.
  • DevOps @ Prezi  Peter Neumark describes how Prezi transitioned from a centralized “devops team” to having its individual product teams have assume ownership of the infrastructure running their products or features. Many of these teams did not include anyone with devops experience,  so it became a priority for them to learn the basics.
  • DevOps @ Spotify  Mattias Jansson, Engineering Team Lead at Spotify, shows how devops has permeated the company's engineering management team.  The result is a healthy overall team structure consisting of leam leads, product owners, and agile coaches.
  • DevOps @ Rafter  Chris Williams explains how Rafter grew from one developer taking care of system administration tasks to a full-fledged DevOps team that supports the whole business.

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