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InfoQ eMag: #noprojects


The idea of producing this eMag came about when Evan Leybourn proposed a series of articles exploring why projects are not an appropriate approach for most software intensive product developments.  At the same time other people were questioning the value of project-based work in knowledge intensive product development and challenging what has been the status quo for many years in most organisations.  

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#noprojects eMag include:

  • What’s Wrong with the Project Approach? - Recently Bob Marshall (@flowchainsensi)reposted a piece by the late Grant Rule in which he tackles the question What’s wrong with the project approach to software development?
  • #noprojects: If You Need to Start a Project, You’ve Already Failed - In this first article in a series on #noprojects, Evan Leybourn presents the case for why the entire IT project process is flawed from the start. If you need to run a project, you've already failed. To be truly competitive, an organisation needs to be able to deliver a continuous stream of change.  Managed properly, this negates the need for a project and the associated cost overheads.
  • Focus on Value, Not Projects - In this second article in the #noprojects series Evan Leybourn explains why the focus of work should be about maximizing value rather than working in a project structure. The author presents a dive deep into a #noprojects implementation and provides a framework to structure work as activities around defined outcomes.
  • Outcomes: The Value of Change - In this third article in the #noprojects series Evan explains the importance of focusing on outcomes rather than activities in order to maximize value for the organization.  He looks at the context in which value is derived, provides an approach to define and measure outcomes and discusses the impact of constraints.
  • Trade-Offs: Giving Up Certainty - While organizations operate under an illusion of certainty, tradeoffs are inevitable. Giving up certainty does not mean giving up predictability. This article examines four flow choices for software delivery and presents three choices for IT Delivery: Throughput, Flexibility and all out speed
  • Beyond Projects: The Problem with Projects and What to Do About It - Applying the project lifecycle model to software development complicates both and makes developing good software harder. Allan Kelly presents ideas on how to move beyond projects and into what he calls a Continuous Work, or Steady State Work Model.  

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