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InfoQ Homepage Guides The InfoQ eMag - Service Mesh Ultimate Guide 2020

The InfoQ eMag - Service Mesh Ultimate Guide 2020


Around 2016, the term “service mesh” appeared to spring from nowhere in the arenas of microservices, cloud computing, and DevOps in. However, as with many concepts within computing, there is actually a long history of the associated pattern and technology.

The arrival of the service mesh has largely been due to a perfect storm within the IT landscape. Developers began building distributed systems using a multi-language (polyglot) approach, and needed dynamic service discovery. Operations began using ephemeral infrastructure, and wanted to gracefully handle the inevitable communication failures and enforce network policies. Platform teams began embracing container orchestration systems like Kubernetes, and wanted to dynamically route traffic in and around the system using modern API-driven network proxies, such as Envoy.

This eMag aims to answer pertinent questions for software architects and technical leaders, such as: what is a service mesh?, do I need a service mesh?, and how do I evaluate the different service mesh offerings?

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The InfoQ eMag - Service Mesh Ultimate Guide includes:

  • The Service Mesh Pattern
  • Service Mesh Features
  • Service Mesh Architecture: Looking Under the Hood
  • Use Cases
  • Antipatterns
  • Service Mesh Implementations and Products
  • Service Mesh Comparisons: Which Service Mesh?
  • History of the Service Mesh
  • Exploring the (Possible) Future of Service Meshes
  • FAQ
  • Additional Resources
  • Glossary

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