• Java 9, OSGi and the Future of Modularity

    by Neil Bartlett and Kai Hackbarth on  Sep 22, 2016 4

    The flagship feature of Java 9 will be the new Java Platform Module System (JPMS). Given the maturity of OSGi there were technical, political and commercial reasons why another Java module system will soon exist. In this article we compare the two from a technical perspective and see how JPMS and OSGi can work together.

  • Programming with Modularity and Project Jigsaw. A Tutorial Using the Latest Early Access Build

    by Nicolai Parlog on  Jan 19, 2016 4

    Project Jigsaw is the hallmark feature of Java 9, the next major version release of Java, and is destined to bring modular programming into the Java mainstream. After years of negotiating and myriad JSRs and JEPs, Jigsaw is starting to take its final form. This tutorial considers all aspects of programming and migration to Project Jigsaw.

  • Modular Java: Dynamic Modularity

    by Alex Blewitt on  Nov 12, 2009 2

    Modularity is an important aspect of large Java systems. Build scripts and projects are often split up into modules in order to improve the build, but this is rarely taken into account at runtime. This third part of the Modular Java series discusses dynamic modularity, how a bundle's classes are resolved, how they can come and go, and how they can communicate with each other.

Modular Java: Static Modularity

Posted by Alex Blewitt on  Oct 24, 2009

This second part of the Modular Java series discusses static modularity, the creation of bundles, how to install them into an OSGi engine and how to set up (versioned) dependencies between bundles. 3

Modular Java: What Is It?

Posted by Alex Blewitt on  Sep 23, 2009

Over the last few years, modularity for Java has been an active discussion topic. Several JSRs show modularity is necessary for Java's evolution. What does modularity mean, and why should you care? 4

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