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  • MicroProfile 6.0 Delivers Alignment with Jakarta EE 10 and a New Specification

    In a major move for the Java community, the MicroProfile Working Group has officially released MicroProfile 6.0. This anticipated release brings a host of new features and improvements, including alignment with the Jakarta 10 Core Profile and updates to several key specifications, such as Metrics, JWT Authentication, Open API, Reactive Messaging, and Reactive Streams Operators.

  • What's New in MicroProfile 5.0

    Delivered under the auspices of the MicroProfile Working Group and five months after the release of MicroProfile 4.1, the anticipated release of MicroProfile 5.0 was made available to the Java community. This new release features alignment with Jakarta EE 9.1 and updates to all eight community-developed core APIs and one standalone API.