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  • Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio: Automated Lifecycles and Integrated Bot Debugging

    The Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio allows .NET developers to build, debug, and release applications for Microsoft Teams. Its latest version introduces powerful capabilities, including automated Teams App lifecycles and integrated bot debugging via built-in tunneling within the Visual Studio environment.

  • Microsoft Enhances Azure Learning with Learn Rooms

    Microsoft recently announced a new offering for learning Azure with Learn Rooms, a part of the Microsoft Learn community designed to allow learners to connect with other learners and technical experts with similar interests in Azure.

  • Microsoft's Chromium-Based WebView2 Supports Hybrid Windows Web Apps

    Microsoft recently announced a preview release of WebView2, a Chromium-based control to host web content within native Windows applications. Developers building applications that support Chromium-based browsers will get the same benefits when building hybrid applications with WebView.

  • Microsoft Graph: Connect to Essential Data Every App Needs

    Yina Arenas, principal program manager for the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem, gave a session on how to use Microsoft Graph to connect to application data. Using Microsoft Graph, developers can help users to focus on tasks to be accomplished, rather than applications to run. The talk focused on the Build 2018 announcements, getting started, what tools to use, the main APIs, and tips and tricks.

  • Microsoft 365 and the Future of App Development: Microsoft Build 2018 Second Day Keynote

    The second day keynote focused on how Microsoft 365 is the future of app development. Although the talk was focused on the merging of Enterprise Mobility Services, Microsoft Office, and Windows 10 in Microsoft 365, the underlying Microsoft Graph platform will have much wider use as ubiquitous computing, the union of data and AI, and multi-sense and multi-device experiences become more prevalent.

  • Doing ChatOps in Microsoft Teams

    The Bot Framework in Microsoft Teams links applications and services to instant messaging and group chat. Microsoft launched Teams, a collaborative platform in Office 365, in March 2017 and has recently added new functionality enabling use for ChatOps. It has also announced that Teams will replace Skype for Business.

  • SQL Server Roundup

    A lot of small releases were made by Microsoft’s SQL Server team last month. Some of the highlights include Power BI for on-site servers, System Center support for SQL Server 2014, and updated Java/PHP drivers.

  • Dropbox Partnering With Microsoft

    As announced at Web Summit last week, Dropbox has partnered up with Microsoft. Dropbox already hosts over 35 Billion Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations. This is value that Microsoft is willing to capture and allow for deeper integration between Office and Dropbox users. We examine what this partnership brings to both ends and the user and how the Cloud Storage market is shaping.

  • Office 365 Adds iOS and Android SDKs for Native App Support

    Office 365 is expanding developer support by adding new APIs and key SDKs for native app development on the Android and iOS platforms. These SDKs will let developers utilize Objective-C and Java while constructing apps that leverage Office 365 functionality.

  • August Patch Tuesday Improves Internet Explorer's Security and Features

    In their latest Patch Tuesday, Microsoft issued 9 bulletins covering a total of 37 common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) spread across some of their products.

  • OpenXML SDK Frees Microsoft Office Files

    The file formats used by Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have been fully opened source via the latest release of Microsoft's OpenXML SDK. This provides developers with the familiar Apache 2.0 License, providing an easier path to incorporating support for these documents into their own projects.

  • Microsoft's New OneNote Service API Backs Free Apps for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android

    Microsoft recently announced the initial release of the OneNote API, which enables programmatic integration of its free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration tool across different programming languages and platforms like Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac OS, Android and the web.

  • Microsoft Office Taps Android with Restrictions

    Microsoft in collaboration with Google has recently released an app for Android based phone for users with a valid Office 365 subscription.

  • New Developer Tools for SQL Server, SharePoint, and Office

    Microsoft updated several tools for developers targeting SQL Server, SharePoint, and Office. The Business Intelligence tools support analysis, integration, and reporting for SQL Server. The Office/SharePoint tools suite bring support for the 2013 versions of each and .NET Framework 4.5.

  • Hadoop + SQL Server + Excel = Big Data Analytics

    Few months back, Microsoft announced HDInsight, Microsoft’s Hadoop distribution for managing, analysing and making sense out of large volumes of data. InfoQ connected with Val Fontama, Senior Product Marketing Manager for SQL Server, to know more about how the Enterprise Big Data @ Microsoft story is panning out.