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Microsoft Enhances Azure Learning with Learn Rooms

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Microsoft recently announced a new offering for learning Azure with Learn Rooms, a part of the Microsoft Learn community designed to allow learners to connect with other learners and technical experts with similar interests in Azure.

The learning rooms are open and available to anyone who wants to be part of a supportive and interactive community to enhance their learning experience. They are designed for group learning and facilitated by an expert in the field. The learning rooms offer synchronous and asynchronous conversations and office hours, and many primarily focus on Microsoft Azure.

With learn rooms, the company offers a new experience combined with the Tech community learning hub and Microsoft Q&A.


Lanna Teh, product marketing manager, Azure Marketing, explains in an Azure blog post:

Learning rooms focus across several technology areas. They include Microsoft Cloud and Azure subjects, such as Azure Infrastructure, Data and AI, and Digital and Application Innovation, and their small size ensures that you get exactly the support you need. Each room is led by Microsoft Learn experts, who are validated technical subject matter experts present throughout our community resources with experience in technical skilling, community support, and a deep knowledge in the room’s specific topic area.

In addition, John Deardurff, Azure SQL Microsoft Certified Trainer, tweeted:

Have you heard about the NEW Microsoft Learning Rooms to assist in your certification journey? Find connections with peers and engage with experts to dive into topic-specific questions via discussions and virtual sessions.

Learners who like to join a learning room can check the learning rooms directory. Furthermore, they must have a Microsoft account and fill out a form to join a room. Experts, such as Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs), and Microsoft Technical and Trainers (MTTs), on the other hand, are selected by invitation only.

Microsoft’s competitors in the cloud space, AWS, and Google, have similar learning offerings. AWS provides anyone interested in learning their platform with AWS Training, while Google offers Cloud Skill Boost.

Lastly, Microsoft also offers other programs for learning with Azure Skills Navigator guides and Connected Learning Experience (CLX).

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