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Followers Glenn Tamkin on Applying Apache Hadoop to NASA's Big Climate Data by Srini Penchikala Follow 40 Followers Posted on May 06, 2015

Followers NASA Develops Space Launch System Flight Software by Michael Stal Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jun 01, 2012 2

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Followers A Research Agenda and Vision for Big Data at NASA by Chris Mattmann Follow 0 Followers Posted on Apr 28, 2014 Chris Mattmann covers four critical areas emerging in the context of NASA projects in radio astronomy; in snow hydrology and regional climate modeling; climate science, and in intelligence activities that together we must significantly advance to deal with the data deluge across NASA and government agencies.

Followers Keynote: SOA, Cloud Computing and the Semantic Web at NASA by Hook Hua Follow 0 Followers Posted on Nov 16, 2012 Hook Hua discusses how semantic Web technologies are being leveraged by cloud-based SOA to improve interoperability within NASA enterprise boundaries and between NASA and external organizations. 3

Followers Keynote: MythBusters 2.0 - Mission Critical Cloud Computing @ NASA by Khawaja Shams Follow 0 Followers Posted on Jul 26, 2012 Khawaja Shams presents how NASA’s JPL uses cloud computing, and evaluates some of the existing cloud computing myths in the MythBusters style. 2