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.NET Core 2.1 Previews Tiered Compilation

by Jeff Martin Follow 16 Followers on  Aug 18, 2018

The .NET Core team has been looking to solve the dilemma of how to best optimize runtime application performance without sacrificing startup responsiveness. A preview of their solution, tiered compilation is now available for .NET Core 2.1 developers.

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Microsoft Announces General Availability of Azure Management Groups

by Eldert Grootenboer Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 17, 2018

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure management groups, which provide the ability to organize and apply governance to all subscriptions in a management group. Azure management groups do this by implementing centralized management of Azure policies, role-based access control and more.

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Heidi Helfand on Listening for Maximum Impact

by Angela Wick Follow 0 Followers on  Aug 17, 2018

Leadership starts with listening and it can amplify your impact! Heidi Helfand presented at Agile2018 on developing our listening skills to be a better leader. Leaders who listen have a big impact on their teams. Slowing down and paying attention, actually listening vs. jumping to give answers, is where the impact is. It may seem slower, but it has lasting results.

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Using Your WinForms/WPF Code to Vote for .NET Core 3.0 Features

by Jonathan Allen Follow 576 Followers on  Aug 17, 2018

In May we reported Microsoft wants to run WinForms and WPF on .NET Core 3.0. In order to facilitate this, they are building a new tool that will allow you to vote on which APIs they need to port to .NET Core. But this isn’t a direct vote; it is based on what APIs are being used by your application.

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Intel Discloses New Speculative Execution Vulnerability L1 Terminal Fault

by Sergio De Simone Follow 14 Followers on  Aug 17, 2018

Intel has disclosed a new speculative execution side channel vulnerability, dubbed L1 Terminal Fault, that could potentially leak information residing in the processor L1 data cache. Mitigations are already available, according to Intel, based on its latest Microcode Updates and corresponding updates to operating systems and hypervisor stacks.

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Numerical Computing Dynamic Language Julia 1.0 Released

by Srini Penchikala Follow 36 Followers on  Aug 16, 2018

The latest version of Julia, a high-level, high-performance dynamic language for technical computing, supports language API stability and a new built-in package manager. The Julia computing team announced the release of Julia version 1.0 last week at JuliaCon 2018 in London, .

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Uber Announces Open Source Fusion.js Framework

by Dylan Schiemann Follow 7 Followers on  Aug 16, 2018

Uber Announces Fusion.js, an open source "Plugin-based Universal Web Framework." Uber builds hundreds of web-based applications, and with web technologies changing quickly and best practices continually evolving, it is a challenge to have hundreds of web engineers leverage modern language features while staying current with the dynamic nature of the web platform.

Culture & Methods Follow 671 Followers

Arthur Purnama on Integrated IT and Organizational Transformation

by Hugo Messer Follow 1 Followers , Shane Hastie Follow 24 Followers on  Aug 16, 2018

Arthur Purnama will talk at the upcoming Agile Impact conference in Indonesia about his experiences helping organisations move towards integrated IT, and how the importance of understanding how people think, comprehend, and receive the message of change is crucial to the success of any transformation program.

Culture & Methods Follow 671 Followers

Keeping Distributed Teams in Sync

by Ben Linders Follow 25 Followers on  Aug 16, 2018

The biggest challenge of distributed teams is communication, which is essential for establishing ground rules on collaboration. Shifting working hours to accommodate each other and team liaisons help to communicate and synchronize work. Teams based on trust, respect, and openness will encourage themselves to help people throughout the organization and foster a culture that keeps teams in sync.

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Modernizing Windows Desktop Applications with XAML Islands

by Jonathan Allen Follow 576 Followers on  Aug 16, 2018 2

You may be under the impression that Windows desktop development is pretty much dead, yet according the telemetry data in Visual Studio, there are roughly 2.4 million developers actively working on desktop applications each month, up 50% from 20 months ago. With such a large community to support, Microsoft is looking at way to help developers integrate those assets into Windows 10.

Architecture & Design Follow 2117 Followers

Strategies for Microservices Communication

by Jan Stenberg Follow 34 Followers on  Aug 16, 2018

When moving from a monolith to a microservices architecture, complexity implicitly hidden within the monolith becomes explicitly visible and the challenges for communication will grow exponentially, Michael Plöd explained in a presentation at GeeCON 2018, describing different strategies for communicating between microservices.

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NetBeans Makes Progress at Apache

by Ben Evans Follow 28 Followers on  Aug 16, 2018

NetBeans is making progress with its transition to the Apache Foundation, including a major new release.

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Microsoft Announces the General Availability of Linux on App Service Environment

by Steef-Jan Wiggers Follow 7 Followers on  Aug 15, 2018

Microsoft announced the general availability of Linux on App Service Environment (ASE), which enables customers to combine the features of App Service on Linux and App Service Environment. This release is a follow up on May's public preview, which allowed customers to deploy Linux and containerized apps in an App Service Environment.

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Android Pie Brings Adaptive Battery, Neural Networks API 1.1 and More

by Diogo Carleto Follow 38 Followers on  Aug 15, 2018

Google has released Android Pie. Android Pie brings display cutout support, Neural Networks API 1.1, Magnifier widget, Adaptive Battery, Slices, Indoor positioning with Wi-Fi RTT, and more.

Development Follow 608 Followers

Rust 2018 is Approaching: Managing the Transition from Rust 2015

by Sergio De Simone Follow 14 Followers on  Aug 15, 2018

The first release of Rust 2018, corresponding to Rust 1.31, will be ready on December 6 2018, writes the Rust Core Team, consolidating under a new label the wealth of new features that have enriched the language since Rust 2015 was first delivered.

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