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InfoQ Homepage News 1st Draft of XML Schema Patterns for Common Data Structures Released

1st Draft of XML Schema Patterns for Common Data Structures Released

The W3C XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Working Group has published a first public working draft of XML Schema Patterns for Common Data Structures. The goal of the specification is to show how commonly used data types, structures and patterns should be mapped to XML Schema in a way that maximizes XML data binding and Web services interoperability.

Data types and structures covered by the spec include String, Boolean, Decimal, Null and Default Values, Enumerations and Collections. Also included are schema patterns for common aspects such as optional and nillable elements, simple lists and repeated elements.

In theory, XML and XML Schema guarantee interoperability; in practice, data binding technologies differ enough so that programming language specifics "leak" unless explicit care is taken (or data binding, a.k.a. serialization/deserialization, is avoided altogether). While the document is produced as part of the W3C Web Services Activity, it does not depend on any Web services-related standards.

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