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InfoQ Homepage News ICEFaces Ajax/JSF Framework Open Sourced Under MPL

ICEFaces Ajax/JSF Framework Open Sourced Under MPL

ICEsoft Technologies, Inc. has announced that their ICEFaces Ajax Development Platform is now available under the Mozilla Public License. From the press release:
"Our decision to go with MPL was based on our assessment of the unique needs of sustainable professional open source software," states Brian McKinney, president and CEO of ICEsoft. "First, we felt that we needed to use a license that was well understood by the open source community. Second, we wanted the license to reflect the spirit of open source in its treatment of developer acknowledgement and reciprocity. Third, we believed that the license needed to be clear and unambiguous in stating that end users not modifying the original code base -- that is, creating derivative works -- are under no obligation to open source their application code, and remain free to license their software under whatever commercial conditions they choose. After an extensive review of open source license models we determined that the MPL would best meet the spirit and needs of our vibrant open source development community."

This release also includes tighter IDE integration and enhanced JBoss Seam support. Commercial support for ICEFaces is still available.

Noted blogger Matt Raible posted today on the announcement:

...Today, ICEsoft announced they've open-sourced ICEfaces. Was this inspired by Java going GPL?1 I doubt it, these things take time and it's likely that ICEsoft had this one in the cooker for quite a while. I do think it's interesting that the major JSF component vendors (Oracle, Exadel and now ICEsoft) have all open-sourced their products. Must be a tough market out there...

InfoQ previously covered the release of ICEFaces Enterprise Edition 1.0.

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