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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: David H. Hansson on the Future of Rails

Interview: David H. Hansson on the Future of Rails

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of asking my friend David some hard-hitting questions about the future of Rails in the enterprise, profiting from his success and whether a vendor will fork Rails someday. The resulting interview contains lots of good information for technologists staking their future on the Rails platform, including David's opinions on Rails adoption, service-oriented architecture and scaling Rails applications.

David was very confident and relaxed , so there are tons of entertaining and priceless comments to questions such as:

  • So at what point do the commercial appeals, at what point does your capitalistic urge kick in and say: "Okay. There are 2 million people worldwide using Rails, I can do Rails Inc. I can leverage the trademark!" When does that happen?
  • Let's say that you don't indulge that capitalistic kick, someone could theoretically come along and fork Rails, right?
  • What are the factors that make you say that it is unlikely that someone would come along and do a better job with Rails?
  • What about the typical third of the IT community who are in it for just a job, they are not really interested in technical excellence? Let's talk about that mainstream. Let's talk about what happens if they feel compelled to start adopting Rails. Let's talk a little bit about what happens when their bosses watch this interview and say "Okay, I'm going to have my guys to do a vertical Spike", and they tell all these guys "Have at it! Do some Rails!" What happens then?
  • Does 37 Signals have an SOA? Describe it.

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